Pagod ka na?

Hindi mo na kaya?

Suko ka na?

Buti napadaan ka. You’re in the right place.

Cue Sandalan by 6cyclemind, “Sige lang, sandal ka na at wag mong pipigilan. Iiyak mo na ang lahat sa langit. Iiyak mo na ang lahat sa akin.”

Sabay hinga nang malamin.

Kumusta ka? Bes, okay lang magpakatotoo.

Work-from-home burnout is real, ‘no! Especially to those who remained working remotely kahit GCQ na in most parts of the country, ‘wag mo ‘to balewalain.

Sabi ni Laurel Farrer in her article The Dangerous Reality Of WFH Burnout (And How To Treat It) in Forbes, “it’s not underperformance that leadership should be worried about — overperformance is what is actually killing the output of work-from-home teams.”

If you find yourself avoiding work, your performance is declining, you just feel exhausted, and can’t stop working kahit clock out mo na, take to heart these 3 tips.

1. Open it up to your team.

Lalo na sa boss mo.

It won’t help kung iki-keep mo lang ang lahat. Pagdating sa love life nagititiis ka, pati ba naman work nagtitiis pa rin?

Malay mo pati workmates mo eh nakaka-experience rin nito and because you were brave enough to let them know, matutulungan mo pa sila to share what they have been going through.

Aside from that, “They can collaborate with you to redistribute your workload, update reporting rituals to provide more recognition and motivation, or provide sideline encouragement as you bust through blocks,” sabi ni Laurel.

2. Have a consistent work schedule.

Preferably, stick to your schedule before ka mag-work remotely. Siyempre, minus the pakikipagsapalaran sa traffic ng EDSA papunta sa office kapag naabutan ng rush hour.

Alam mo kasi sabi nina Veronica Bravo and Janet Loehrke in their article Working from home during the coronavirus pandemic: How to cope in USA Today, “The body and brain need routines from the most basic of sleeping and eating to other activities, such as work. We are programmed neurochemically to have basic daily cycles.”

Kapag na-disrupt ang daily cycle mo, this may lead daw to poor cognitive performance, lethargy, depression, and anxiety.

Sounds familiar?

Here’s how to start. Sabi nila, “The basics of a daily routine, including staying consistent with sleep/wake cycles, regular meals, exercise, and activity are essential.”

3. Dedicate time for yourself.

Work is life, but health is lifer. It’s true that you are overloaded with work but unless you schedule a time for yourself kahit sa bahay ka lang, your tasks will continue to drag you.

“Think of coping skills as medication to treat an infirmity. We need to practice self-care to stay motivated, productive, and healthy. Immerse your mind and body in activities that are not related to being ‘on duty’,” Veronica and Janet said.

Remember na hindi lang self-discipline ang need for WFH, kailangan aware ka rin or conscious with how yourself cope with the changes para alam mo how to respond lalo na that this is currently the new normal.

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