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Is Anxiety a Disorder?

Kalma ka lang because anxiety is a normal human emotion. Lahat naman nakaka-experience nito when you are faced with an unfamiliar or out of control situations in life like speaking in public, planning about the future, paying a debt, and so on. Sabi pa nga ni  Sheryl...

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5 Ways to Help Someone with Anxiety

First off, thank you dahil pinili mong tumulong. Because the truth is that most people suffering with anxiety don’t receive the right treatment that they need because they are ashamed of their condition. Hindi nila alam kung paano i-deal ang anxiety. ‘Yung iba naman,...

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Fear vs Phobia – May Pagkakaiba Ba?

Normal lang ang matakot. As a matter of fact, it’s natural and healthy to fear. Why? Kasi kung hindi ka makakaramdam ng takot, how will you help yourself kapag may danger sa paligid mo? According to Seth Norrholm, a translational neuroscientist, in an article What is...

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Face your Fear with these 3 Tips

“I can’t do it!” Hanggang kailan mo ito papaniwalaan? This is what fear does. It limits you. It cripples you. It deceives you na hanggang diyan ka lang. While the easiest response to fear is to run away, kabaliktaran ang sinasabi ng mga experts. Tulad ni Susan Biali...

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Take a Break from Social Media! Why do you have to?

4 hours and 12 minutes every day – that’s how long Filipinos use social media on the average, according to the 2019 Global Digital Report from Hootsuite and We Are Social. While there’s nothing wrong with browsing your social media feed, keeping in touch with your...

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