“Adulting is real.”

Lagi mo siguro itong naririnig or ikaw mismo ang nagsasabi, lalo na kung naranasan mo na ang maging adult. 

Hindi madali, ‘no? Na-scam tayo ng mga movie dati kung saan laging ipinapakita na madali at magaan ang pagiging adult. Well, there are some perks to it, but it’s certainly not all rainbows and butterflies. 

Isang parte ng pagiging adult ang matutong magtrabaho at kumita ng pera para mabuhay. 

Whether you’re still a student, fresh college graduate, or already working, bibigyan ka namin ngayon ng listahan ng essential life skills na magagamit mo para maging successful sa workplace as a young professional.


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Before we dive into it, let’s find out first kung ano ang definition ng “life skills.” 

According to Berkeleywellbeing.com, “Life skills can be defined as abilities that enable humans to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life.” 

Ibig sabihin, ang “life skills” ay mga kasanayan sa buhay na kailangan aralin ng isang tao, para alam niya kung papaano haharapin ang buhay nang mas epektibo at maayos, at matuto ring makipagkapwa sa iba. 

According to WHO, the six basic life skills are: communication and interpersonal skills; decision-making and problem-solving; creative thinking and critical thinking; self-awareness and empathy; assertiveness and equanimity, or self-control; and resilience and ability to cope with problems. 

But in this article, let’s focus on the life skills you will be needing to become a successful professional in your workplace. 

Ready or not, arat na! 

Lol! Masiyadong excited si ate niyo gurl. 

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Top Skills Professionals Need for Workplace Success #1: Basic Technology and Digital Skills 

Dito pa lang, alam na namin na may advantage ka na agad, lalo na kung nabibilang ka sa Millennial generation or sa Gen Z. 

Digital and technological literacy is important for nearly any job today, that even mastering the basics will give you an advantage in whichever industry you wish to belong. 

This also opens doors for you to work globally. Lalo na noong nag-pandemic, where almost everyone worked remotely, mas na-emphasize ang pangangailangan ng technology and digital skills. 

You may not know this, pero ang ibang tao, mostly people who belong to the older generations, find it hard to cope sa bagong work model setup dahil hindi sila tech-savvy. 

But with the continuous rise of social media and technology, increasing your knowledge on these skills is a wise step for workplace success. 

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Marketing professionals and advertisers shifted from TV broadcast to social media platforms. 

Artists now use Photoshop and other apps instead of pen and paper.

Writers write online blogs, and rarely in newspapers and magazines in today’s time.

A lot has changed, and many will come. So, better prepare yourself for it. 😉  

Top Skills Professionals Need for Workplace Success #2: Money Management Skills

Hindi lahat ng tao mapagkakatiwalaan sa pera. Agree ka ba? 

That’s why knowing how to budget and handle funds is a necessary professional skill. 

You may ask, “How can I learn this?” Well, start small by managing your own finances. 

According to Investopedia.com, “Money management refers to the processes of budgeting, saving, investing, spending, or otherwise overseeing the capital usage of an individual or group.”

top life skills workplace success 4

Kung hindi mo alam paano i-manage ang sarili mong pera, how much more the money that is entrusted to you by your company, right?

Paano kung ipa-handle sa ‘yo ang isang malaking project, or i-pa-estimate ka ng fund for a specific cause? 

You need to learn basic money management skills not only to become a successful professional, but to become a grounded individual, too.  

Ito ang mga puwede mong pag-praktisan para matuto kang humawak ng pera:

  • Gumawa ka ng personal budget mo and stick to it. 
  • Iwasan mong mangutang kung hindi naman kailangan. 
  • Treat your savings na parang isang bill na kailangan mong bayaran every month. 
  • Practice “eternal investment” by giving your tithes. 
  • Be faithful and be consistent. 

Top Skills Professionals Need for Workplace Success #3: Time Management Skills 

Deadlines. Meetings. Daily tasks. Training sessions and workshops. 

Iilan lamang ‘yan sa kailangan mong gawin as a working adult, Breaker. 

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Learning how to manage your time is a big advantage lalo na kung gusto mong may buhay ka pa outside work. Dahil kung masasanay ka na dinadala ang trabaho kahit tapos na ang working hours, naku! Mas madali kang ma-burnout.

But when you learn time-management skills you have the skills to manage your time well, you’ll learn how to pace yourself, too, and not overwork yourself on a daily basis.

So, keep a calendar and schedule. Stick to it like your life depends on it, because sometimes, it does. Actually, may article kami about overwork and how it affects your mental and physical well-being.

Kaya para maiwasan ang burnout or not having enough boundaries between personal and career life, learn how to manage your time well. 

Top Skills Professionals Need for Workplace Success #4: Writing Skills 

Noong nag-pandemic, working adults carry out their tasks remotely, and most of the time, if not all the time, they communicate with their department heads through email, messaging systems, and social media.   

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Excellent writing skills help you express and deliver your intentions well without beating around the bush. Imagine having the skill to say what you want and mean what you say! Amazing, ‘di ba? 

At hindi lang ito helpful sa mga working adult, but also for people who are still planning to apply for a job.  

Writing skills can help you create the best resume and cover letter that are more likely to get noticed and picked by your desired company.

Hindi lang tayo dapat magaling magsulat ng hugot at love letter, ha? Dapat marunong din tayong magsulat nang hindi wrong grammar at wrong spelling. Nakakahiya naman kay crush at sa potential jowa. Haha! 

It’s not too late to be a better writer, Breaker. 😉 

Top Skills Professionals Need for Workplace Success #5: Public Speaking Skills

Kahit hindi naman required ang public speaking sa job mo, or sa gusto mong trabaho, public speaking is considered to be one of the life skills that you need to be a better communicator. 

top life skills workplace success 7

Gusto mo bang matutong magsalita in a way na confident ka, clear, and convincing? Well, public speaking skills will surely help you with that.

And again, this is not just for people who are already working. Nakatutulong din ito sa mga aplikante who will go through different interview process. Employers like it when an applicant is confident. It makes you look credible and trustworthy. 

Pansin mo ba na ang mga taong madalas kinakabahan ay may itinatago? So, kung wala ka namang itinatago, practice self-confidence and speak for yourself well. 

There are many ways to learn public speaking skills. Like enrolling sa mga workshop, practicing in front of the mirror, and making it a habit to answer questions audibly. You can find a list of questions na puwede mong pag-praktisan online.

Top Skills Professionals Need for Workplace Success #6: Self-awareness Skills 

Yes, this is considered as a skill.

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This skill enables you to know your strengths and weaknesses. Kung saan ka magaling, at kung ano pa ang mga kailangan mong i-improve. 

Ang mga tao na may self-awareness skill are often open-minded sa critique and feedback ng kanilang kasamahan. Thus, sila rin ‘yung madalas nag-i-improve, and eventually, they get promoted, too.  

‘Di ibig sabihin na kapag naka-graduate ka na at nakapagtrabaho ay titigil ka na sa pag-aaral. This is not the case, Breaker. Life is a continuous process of learning and improving. And one way to do that is having the ability to assess yourself. 

Top Skills Professionals Need for Workplace Success #7: Creative Skills

Ang bilis magbago ng panahon ngayon. Halos buwan-buwan may bagong trends. Kaya ang mga employer, they often want someone who can cope with the changes and bring fresh ideas despite the fast-paced culture. 

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Innovation is one of the keys to becoming successful in the workplace. And creative skills do the work. So, learn how to think differently about a situation or come up with a new way to complete a task. Because when you simply stand out among the crowd, it will be easier for you to spot a way to be a successful professional in your workplace. 

And there you have it, Breaker! Hopefully nakatulong naman kami sa ‘yo, kahit papaano. Haha!  

Now, you may ask, “Paano ko ba aaralin ang mga ‘to?” 

Well, like they said, “Practice makes almost everything perfect.”

Don’t pressure yourself into mastering these skills in one go! It’s always a process, so take your time and enjoy the ride. Oki? 😉

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