In some parts of the world, COVID cases continue to decline. Is this a sign that we’re really getting closer to the tail end of this pandemic?  

Parang kailan lang, ang buong mundo ay nag-adjust sa new normal noong lumaganap ang COVID-19 virus. Pero ngayon, unti-unti nang bumabalik sa normal ang lahat pagkatapos ng mahigit dalawang taon.

Siguro ngayon, lahat ng kabilang sa working population ay naka-adjust na sa work-from-home setup. By now, everyone is probably comfortable with video conferencing and virtual meetings. But with the continuous decline in COVID-19 cases, employees are now required by their employers to gradually report to the office.

The thing is, are employees still willing to do that now that they know working from home works for them? 

The answer is no.

Ayon sa isang survey ng, “57% would consider leaving their company if they had to return to the office full-time.”

Many other surveys were done and they showed the same result: “remote work has largely proven successful.”

Dahil sa findings na ito, different companies and organizations suggested a different work model, and they call it “The Hybrid Work Model.”

hybrid work model 1

Ayon sa, “Hybrid work is a flexible work model that supports a blend of in-office, remote, and on-the-go workers. It offers employees the autonomy to choose to work wherever and however they are most productive.”

Basically, this means that employees have the choice to either work from home, or mag-report sa office.

Sounds promising, right? Pero hindi maitatanggi na aside sa advantages, may disadvantages din ito.


  • You no longer have to spend extra effort, time, and money sa pag-commute. 
  • You can pace yourself without the fear or pressure of being supervised by anyone.  
  • You can choose your environment. Working at the beach seems like a good idea now! 
  • You can still work even if you’re sick, as long as it’s bearable. No need to file a sick leave! 
  • You can work comfortably. Paa na nakapatong sa lamesa? Working in your PJs, or while in bed? Lamon nang lamon habang nag-ta-type? No problem!

hybrid work model 2


  • You’re at a disadvantage if you don’t have an ideal home environment for work. E.g., unreliable internet connection, and no personal space or room. 
  • You may find it hard to set boundaries between your personal and work life. 
  • You’re prone to procrastinate or lose your focus because originally, a home is a place for rest and not for work.  
  • You tend to work longer than the required office hours. 
  • You may find it hard to get inspiration from workmates, and collective creativity within the team diminishes.  

Ramdam at naranasan mo na ba lahat ng advantages and disadvantages na nabanggit namin? 

Well, dahil nailapag na natin lahat, we can now move forward sa ating next step. And that is, to find ways on how you can balance the hybrid work model and use it to your advantage. 

Maximize Hybrid Work Model Tip #1: Set boundaries between personal and work matters. 

Have a designated workspace or workstation.

If possible, dapat ikaw lang ang may access sa workstation mo. This is to avoid distractions and interactions about personal matters within your family or kung sino ang kasama mo sa bahay. Puwede mo nga ring lagyan ng label ang door mo katulad ng, “Meeting in Progress,” “Do Not Disturb,” at iba pa.  

hybrid work model 3

Simple things like these will help you build boundaries between personal and work matters. And you may not realize this now, but it will affect not just your work performance but also your relationship with your loved ones. 

Remember, proper communication is key. 

Also, ang isa pang rason kung bakit importante ang pagkakaroon ng designated workstation ay para maiwasan ang pag-po-procrastinate. Okay lang magtrabaho ng naka-pajama, pero ‘wag sa kama, bes! Dahil ang ending, imbes na magtrabaho ka, nanonood ka na lang ng K-drama. Oh, ‘wag i-deny. Haha! 

Pero naiintindihan ka namin kung ‘di mo pa kaya ngayon na magkaroon ng ideal workstation. You can start small and simple. Maybe a desk will do, or a computer table. Pakiusapan mo na lang muna ang mga kasama mo sa bahay, and explain to them that you can spend quality time with them if nagawa mo na ang mga kailangan mong gawin sa trabaho. Isa ito sa perks ng hybrid work setup, the opportunity to communicate directly and spend more time with our loved ones. 

Pero kung kailangan mo talaga ng extra focus sa work, you can also opt to work sa coffee shops or co-working spaces sa labas.

Maximize Hybrid Work Model Tip #2: Save up for work-from-home essentials.

hybrid work model 4

It is certain that the hybrid work model will be implemented not just now, but for many years to come. And one way to maximize it is by saving up for work-from-home essentials.  

Since you no longer have to spend extra effort, time, and money sa pag-commute, you can spend it on other things instead, like reliable internet connection, designated work station, and/or self-care needs.

Wais ito gawin, Breaker, kung gusto mo talagang maganda ang performance mo sa work at kung gusto mong ma-maximize ang hybrid setup to your advantage. Because when you really think about it, napakalaking favor na puwede kang makapili kung saan ka magtatrabaho. 

Dagdag pa rito, puwede mo ring i-pace ang sarili mo. Meaning, you can take breaks without the pressure of being supervised, so you will need self-care essentials na pang-relieve ng stress mo. You can buy scented candles, books, or even video game consoles, if you like! Kung gugustuhin mo nga rin, puwede kang gumawa ng personal Google-like work setup. As long as you save up for it, walang imposible! 

Maximize Hybrid Work Model Tip #3: Schedule your work and personal activities.  

hybrid work model 5

Para maiwasan ang pagtatrabaho ng beyond office hours, have a strict work and personal schedule and stick to it! No excuses, no delays, and stretch yourself beyond your limit to stick to your schedule.  

Mahirap talaga itong gawin sa simula, lalo na kung nasanay ka na. But if you do this gradually and consistently, you will yield results that will last for years.  

Hindi ito exaggeration, Breaker. Again, ipapaalala lang namin, the hybrid work model is here to stay for long, and the best you can do now is to know and learn how to use it efficiently. Gusto mo bang overtime ka every day, and wala pang monetary compensation? Hindi, ‘di ba? 

Okay lang magpuyat para kay crush, ‘wag lang sa work. Chour, joke lang! ‘Wag mo ito ipabasa sa boss mo, ah. Haha! 

Pero seryoso, payong kaibigan lang, make it a habit to plan and schedule your work and personal activities and stick to it.  

Kasi sabi nga ni, Darren Hardy, “The accomplishment of any goal is the progressive accumulation or compound effect, of small steps taken consistently over time. The compound effect is defined as the principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices.” 

So, what you choose every day matters for the next years to come. 

Hope this article helps you in any way, Breaker! Let us know how we can journey with you, and tell us also about the topics you want us to cover for our next blogs.

We love you and we are rooting for you. Aja! 

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