Breakthrough_Unread Letter-Pain

What are you doing with your life?

All the drugs, alcohol, unhealthy relationships, and excessive social media and gaming.

Why do you seem to love messing with your life?

I see how it is overwhelming to you now.

And I have been your company.

Since you do not want me, you try to hide, run away.

You do all those things to get rid of me, but that is not the way to deal with me.

You are only causing further damages in your life.

Look at you now.

You’re running, grasping, and sobbing through a never-ending course with me when my plan is not really to remain.

You know, I am not meant to stay but I am needed to be felt.

You must allow yourself to fully feel all that I am.

Cry. Scream. Laugh. Move. Vent.

Do not hold back.

There’s no other way but to confront me.

Stop trying to hide when I am made to be exposed all along.

Go and tell them about me.

Write. Hike. Read. Dance. Pray.

Do effective and healthy ways to manage me.

Collect all the lessons you have gained from me as you endure because surely you will need it.

Because someday we will meet again.

But then, you will know how to handle me better.

You will not be the same person I am with right now.

You will be the better you.

05 Pain

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