It’s like everybody’s talking about it, but nobody really prepared you for it.

Fret not, millennials! Brothers Jesse and Christian Perkins, famously known as the Perkins Twins, are “Perkinspired” to share tips and views on growing up as the newest hosts of the upcoming season of #iCanBreakThrough’s BreakTambayan.

PR_Perkins joins BreakTambayan

Together with Trish Chu, you will learn about the overwhelming adulting as they also share their experiences on how to face this life season in BreakTambayan, an online show of insightful talks on relevant concerns Filipino millennials face.

“We talked about adulting, how you can manage money, how to deal with relationships, so these are really important things that we, young adults, need to face. A lot of bad things are out there but at least, this is another perspective that you can get and hopefully you’d get inspired and encouraged to live life in a certain way that can help you,” Jesse shares.

Empowering others is not a new thing for the duo. Aside from a budding career in the entertainment industry, they tour schools nationwide to inspire the youth on good values through their partnership with various government agencies, and their Kaibigan movie tour.

The brothers see the show as an opportunity to answer millennials’ questions and help people find a way to live life that is God-glorifying and beneficial – all in a light and fun way. When asked what sets BreakTambayan apart from their other projects, the show’s purpose stood out among the rest.

“It’s really amazing in BreakTambayan kasi (because) that platform is specifically designed to talk about the things my brother and I want to talk about. We’re able to speak more boldly about the things we believe,” Jesse added.

Meanwhile, host Trish Chu gives us a hint of what’s to come, “Filipino millennials can relate to BreakTambayan. We talk about lots of topics that will help them go through life, so they should watch out for it.”

The twins pondered that the show opens their hearts more on issues that matter and welcome you to join them as they showcase their humor and wits, “We just want to invite everyone to watch BreakTambayan and sana (we hope that) everyone’s inspired by what they watch. There’s a lot of cool stuff that’s gonna be in the show so watch out for it!” Christian ended.

Visit iCanBreakThrough and catch the PerkinsTwins as they join the “real talk” for the young grown-ups with host Trish Chu in BreakTambayan this April.

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