Kumusta na ang kalagayan mo?

Okay lang maging vulnerable.

Be honest.

Suicidal Thoughts 01

Why not promise yourself today to wait before doing anything?

Yes, maghintay ka muna.

You need to give distance between suicidal thoughts and suicidal actions. The latter does not have to be your reality. WAIT FOR 24 HOURS OR UP TO A WEEK AND DON’T DO ANYTHING DRASTIC, sabi ng Help Guide.

And, that should be without taking drugs nor alcohol. Because when you take these, you would not be in your right mind.

Keep yourself away from objects that can trigger you para saktan ang sarili mo such as knives, firearms, or pills.


Suicidal Thoughts 02

When darkness hovers and you can’t find any evidence of light and you feel like it is better to die, try to process kung ano ba talaga ang nangyayari sa ‘yo.

Suicidal Thoughts 03

What you are going through right now is suicidal ideation.

It means that you want to end your life or you are thinking about suicide, Marcia Purse of Verywell Mind explained in her write-up An Overview of Suicidal Ideation.

Suicidal ideation is divided into 2 – passive and active.

If you wish that you were dead but wala kang plano to commit suicide, that’s passive suicidal ideation. Example of this is wishing that you could die in your sleep or be involved in an accident.

But then, passive suicidal ideation cannot be taken lightly just because wala ka pa namang plan to commit suicide.

Marcia said that it can suddenly turn active, where you are not just thinking about it but you are already planning kung paano mo ito i-e-execute.

Whether your thoughts are passive or active, mahalagang malaman where this stems from.

Suicidal Thoughts 04

This could be a result of a mental health condition such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or social anxiety, according to GoodTherapy.

You may be facing grief, abuse, financial challenges, unemployment, or relationship problems. Kung minsan pa nga ay patung-patong ang mga ito and the burden becomes unbearable.

There may also be cases where you feel suicidal for no particular reason at all.

Despite that, hindi ibig sabihin na you are less important than those who have their reasons.

Suicidal Thoughts 05

Kakayanin mo ang pinagdadaanan mo. Ending your life is not the only solution to stop the unimaginable pain.

Mag reach out ka. You’re not meant to carry your burden alone.

And no, hindi ka pabigat o mahina kapag nag-share ka ng nararamdaman mo. It actually takes incredible amount of strength to open up to the right people.

So, tatanungin ulit kita.

Be honest. Kumusta na ang kalagayan mo?

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