Malamang narinig mo na ang mga pang-aasar na, “Dami mong alam,” “Pabibo masyado,” or “Wow, deep” when a person gives a thought-provoking idea in a conversation.

Mukhang okay lang naman, ‘di ba? Pero what kind of teasing is this and okay nga lang ba talaga ito?

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This is what you call smart-shaming or anti-intellectual. According to, it is “a person opposed to or hostile toward intellectuals and the modern academic, artistic, social, religious, and other theories associated with them.”

Whether it’s you who do it or you’ve been a victim of it, smart shaming has become a culture among Filipinos to embarrass or humiliate someone who is intelligent na para bang makasalanan ang may alam.

But then, saan ba ito nagsimula?

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Here’s how Julia Jasmine Madrazo-Sta. Romana of GMA News explained it in her write-up Smart-shaming and our Pinoy culture of anti-intellectualism based on “Sikolohiyang Filipino” by Dr. Virgilio Enriquez.

“Togetherness or ‘kapwa’ is the core construct of Filipino psychology. We value conformity, empathy and social relationships, a common trait among Asian countries,” she explained.

Pero noong sinakop ang Pilipinas ng Spanish and Americans, most of the Filipinos were deprived of Western education and only a few were privileged to get it.

Sila ‘yung matatalino, magagaling, at mga may pinag-aralan tapos ikaw “eto lang.”

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Madrazo-Sta. Romana emphasized that “Filipinos strengthen the sense of togetherness by associating themselves with the common Filipino.”

Sa ngayon, you see that the common Filipino lives below the poverty line and are undereducated.

“We don’t have a culture of anti-intellectualism because we value ignorance; what we value is our camaraderie with the common Filipino,” she added.

So, hindi naman masama ang origin ng smart-shaming sa Pilipinas. It shows how good Filipinos are sa pakikisama.

Pero, how should you handle this when it also poses a negative impact sa mga napapahiya dahil lang sa may maganda silang insights na shine-share?

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Reading through the impact of smart-shaming to individuals, it is best to have think of the interest of the person contribute knowledge as part of pakikisama.

‘Wag gamiting excuse ang pag-accept na you belong to the “common Filipino” kaya you’d choose to bash those who share wisdom.

Instead of looking at intelligence as a threat, seize the opportunity to open your mind and expand your knowledge.

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