Nakaka-miss ‘no?

Kung pwede lang maulit ‘yung mga alaalang nagpasaya sa ‘yo…

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But then, what you know about sepanx is totally different from its real meaning. Hindi lang ito basta expression of missing someone or something.

Mas malalim pa.

Sabi ng Psychology Today, Sepanx or Separation Anxiety “refers to excessive fear or worry about separation from home or an attachment figure.”

It can actually worsen and become a mental disorder if it continues for at least 6 months.

Pero, saan nga ba ito nanggagaling?

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It could be because you went through a significant change in your life such as death of a loved one or you moved away from home or someone important to you left – these may develop separation anxiety.

Do you still remember noong bata ka pa when you were so afraid na mawala sa tabi ng parents or guardian mo?

Between 6 months and 3 years old, it’s natural to have separation anxiety because according to Judy Ho, PhD in an article entitled This Is What It’s Like to Be an Adult With Separation Anxiety by Ashley Mateo of Health, nagpapakita ito ng good emotional and social attachment sa mga taong nag-aalaga sa ‘yo.

Pero kung nagtuloy ito until late childhood and adulthood, that’s when it becomes a disorder. Isa pang cause is you may have another underlying mental health condition that you’re unaware of.

Sounds interesting?

You may have separation anxiety disorder or you know someone who has.

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Ilan sa mga symptoms nito are repeated nightmares and excessive worrying about losing a loved one.

You don’t want to be away from home at lagi kang nag wo-worry na baka may masamang mangyari sa kanila.

It may also manifest in your body such as having headaches, stomachaches at iba pa kapag alam mong aalis ang loved one mo, says Mayo Clinic.

If you recognize these symptoms, hindi makakabuti if you will just shrug it off. You need healing.

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Advice ni Judy, “Professional resources are very helpful, but equally important is communicating with the loved ones who may unintentionally be a part of those anxious feelings.”

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