Single ka pa rin?

No problem!

Kaysa mapunta ka sa taong pa-fall, manloloko, at manggagamit, mabuti nang maghintay at mag-prepare for the one.

Tips to single people 01

Yes, you read it right.

Ang hirap kaya mag-move on kaya this is the best time for you na mag-invest sa sarili mo para kapag dumating na siya, ready ka na.

Smile ka na diyan and check out these tips below.

Huwag puro love life ang iniisip.

Do you still remember ‘yung dream mo na mag-travel to different places?

What about pursuing your dream job or the business you always wanted to venture in?

Kung ano man ‘yan, go for it!

Sabi nga ni Debra Fileta in her article 10 Things to Do While You’re Still Single in Crosswalk, “Start creating the life you want now, and you’ll easily recognize who fits into it when the time comes.”

Tips to single people 02

Step up your #adulting game.

Kailan ka pa mag-sa-start mag-ipon? Mag-invest? Mag-build ng network mo? Maging responsible adult na hindi laging umaasa sa parents mo?

Start now kahit paunti-onti because everything you’re doing now is your preparation time para sa future mo.

Tips to single people 03

Kalma ka lang.

Aminin mo, kaya ka minsan na-pe-pressure kasi lagi na lang bukang bibig ng mga tao sa ‘yo, “Kelan ka magkaka-boyfriend/girlfriend?” or “Eto, reto ko sa ‘yo! Single ‘yan!”

When you feel pressured, eto lang ang tatandaan mo. Huwag ka magpadala sa mga ito. Your purpose why you’re going into a relationship is not because of pressure but because alam mong handa ka.

Tips to single people 04

Which leads to the next point, maging buo ka muna.


Ask yourself, what are your childhood issues you need to resolve?

This will help you locate your deep wounding na kailangan ng healing because ang totoo niyan, your childhood is connected to your adulting issues.

“If you attempt to build intimacy with a person before you’ve done the handwork of becoming a whole and healthy person, every relationship will be an attempt to complete the hole in your heart,” says marriage experts Les and Leslie Parrot cited in an article 7 Ways to Prepare for Marriage While You’re Still Single (Again) by Josh Daffern in Patheos.

And, the only Person who can complete that hole in your heart is its Creator at willing Siyang samahan ka in your journey of finding your true self!

Gusto namin Siya ipakilala sa ‘yo.

Tips to single people 05

Be with people na mag-pu-push sa ‘yo to be your best self.

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