What is your biggest #regret?

Think about it for a moment.

Letting go of regret 01

Perhaps, naisip mo agad yung mga wrong choices mo in life that you wished you could take back. Your poor actions that caused undesirable results, or the opportunities you missed dahil natatakot ka to take risks.

Regret leaves you depressed, angry, and hopeless.

Maraming nagsasabi that past is past kaya just move on dahil wala ka nang magagawa para mabalik pa ang nakaraan.

Totoo naman.

Pero paano mo ba ‘to gagawin?

Letting go of regret 02

1. Stop running away from regret.

Harapin mo ito kahit na masakit.

Dahil sabi ni Alice Boyes Ph.D. in her article 5 Tips for Coping with Regret in Psychology Today, “When you acknowledge your emotions instead of denying them, it helps prompt you to think about strategies you could use to minimize the pain of future experiences of that emotion.”

Use your regret to develop and grow. Ask yourself, “Ano ba ang mga natutunan ko from that experience that I can apply now?”

Tandaan na hindi mo kalaban ang sarili mo, kakampi mo ito para magbago.

2. Forgive yourself.

Be kind to yourself. Lahat nagkakamali at may pinagsisihan at some point in their lives.

Sabi nga ni Shannon Thomas in an article Pencil Down These 4 Pro Tips For Dealing With Regret If Fomo Is Your Nemesis by Sarah Madaus, “Sometimes it’s about having to step back and realize that you did what you did with the information you had.”

Hindi ka stupid nor failure. You just didn’t know how to respond then, pero ngayong alam mo na, you have the chance to do better.

3. Get out of your safe zone.

Alam mo ba that “we’re more likely to regret things we didn’t do than things we did do”, according to Happify Daily?

People feel the most regret about missed chances simply because naunahan na ng takot so mas pipiliin na lang to settle for less. The easy and comfortable life.

Kung ikaw ito, it’s not too late to take that bold step.

Letting go of regret 03

No matter how ugly you think your past is, God can turn it into something awesome, meaningful, and beautiful.

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