Adulting is real!

Ang daming pressure from work, parents, peers, and even the expectations you set for yourself.

Kakayanin mo pa ba?

Oo naman! We’ve listed down tips to help you be better at adulting.

adulting tips-apply for gvernment ids

  1. Apply for valid government IDs.

Dapat ngayon naga-apply ka na kasi you need it to secure any kind of transactions. Plus, most establishments ask you to present one or two of them, says MM de Mesa and Jeremiah Capacillio of in their article The Clueless Person’s Guide to Surviving the Real World. Some of the IDs na you need to have are SSS, TIN, Philippine Passport, and Voter’s ID.

adulting tips-take care of your health

  1. Take care of your health.

Hinay-hinay lang! One of your biggest investments is your health kaya know your limitations.

adulting tips-exercise

Find time to exercise regularly kahit at least twice a week muna or start eating nutritious food to boost your health, de Mesa and Capacillio added. Important din to have health insurance kaya you may want to invest in that too.

adulting tips-take care of your body

  1. Budget and save.

Be smart with how you spend your money, so you can reach your financial goals. Para din naman ito sa future self mo.

adulting tips-budget and save

According to finance expert Rose Fres Fausto in an interview by Bianca Gonzalez entitled Paano Ba ‘To: 5 Financial Tips On Saving and Managing Your Money with The FQ Mom, set aside 20% for your savings and investments, 10% for tithing, and 70% for your needs and wants (make sure na mas malaki ang percentage ng needs mo syempre).

You may want to try apps like Goodbudget, Wallet by BudgetBakers, or Fudget to help you manage your money.

adulting tips-grow yourj money invest

  1. Grow your money by investing.

Hindi sapat ang mag save ng money if you want your money to work for you. One of which is investing regularly sa stock market because it earns more than other investment instruments over time, according to Rappler in their article WATCH: How to get your #adulting game strong.

adulting tips-invest in significant relationships

  1. Invest in significant relationships.

It’s part of healthy adulthood!

Kung natatakot kang masaktan, sabi ni Jared Lafitte in his article 10 Ways to Do Adulthood Well by Relevant Magazine, “Risk and awkwardness and vulnerability and pain are all parts of a healthy relationship, not reasons to avoid one. Whether it’s with your parents or with friends or with a potential marriage partner, embrace the beautiful messiness and joys of deep relationships.”

adulting tips-hinga ka muna

Hinga ka muna.

It’s okay if you’re still in the middle of figuring out what to do sa buhay mo.

This is a season you must go through for you to discover the beauty in surrender.

Yes, surrendering all your worries, questions, and fears of the unknown to the One who knows you better!

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