Tinatamad pa?



Nahihirapan mag-adjust?

Hinga muna, Breaker. Kasama mo kami.

Tulad ng pagpe-prepare mo going to school, may paghahanda ring kailangan for your online classes kahit nasa bahay ka lang.

Check them out below.

Online class tips 01

1. May study area ka na ba?

Oo, kailangan nun!

Kasi kapag nasa bed ka lang tapos nakahiga while listening to your professor or teacher, baka makatulog ka!

Eh, paano pa kung morning ang schedule mo?

Hindi ka pa naman na sanay gumising nang maaga dahil 3am ka na natutulog for the past months.


Online class tips 02

Sabi ni Ransom Patterson in his article 11 Techniques to Be Successful in Online Classes from College Info Geek, “having a dedicated study space will help you stay focused when it’s time to study and disconnect when it isn’t.”

If you can, set up your own desk and make sure that your books, modules, earphones, etc. are within reach, sabi ni Jess Zibung in her article 5 Study Tips for Online Learning during COVID-19 from IDP.

Add a creative touch to your study station para hindi lang laptop, notebooks, and books ang nasa desk mo. Uso ngayon ang mga indoor plants at maging isang plantito or plantita. May health benefits din ang mga ito.

If hindi possible to set up your own desk, puwede naman sa kitchen or dining area basta let others know lang that you have dedicated that space for your studies para aware sila, she said.

Pahabol tip!

Keep it clutter-free and organized! Madali kasing ma-distract and mawala sa focus kapag magulo ang study area mo.

Tip #2 na!

2. Be patient and understanding sa professor or teacher mo.

Tandaan na hindi lang ikaw ang naga-adjust dito, pati sila.

There are some who are not as tech-savvy as you or baka 1st time nila to teach online, so ‘wag ka naman ma-GG kung nagkakaroon ng miscommunication on their end because they are trying their best.

Show patience and understanding to them.

Kung may pagkukulang man, sabihin mo.

Online class tips 03

‘Di ba ganun naman sa isang relasyon?


Ibang topic na pala ‘yun.

Tip #3 na nga!

3. Maghanap ng accountability partner.

Kung dati “you’ll often receive verbal or visual reminders of an assignment’s upcoming due date,” explanation ng Northeastern University in their article Tips for Taking Online Classes: 8 Strategies for Success.

Ngayon, mas kailangan mong maging responsible and disciplined to check-in with yourself para ma-make sure na wala kang ma-miss na deadlines.

Pero ‘wag ka matakot kasi diyan na papasok ang accountability partner.

Online class tips 04

“If you’re having trouble holding yourself responsible, pair up with a fellow classmate, or enlist the help of a spouse or friend to check in as an accountability partner,” they said.

“By being organized, proactive, and self-aware, you can get the most from your online class even when life outside of school becomes chaotic,” they added.

May naiisip ka na ba kung sino?

Basta someone who can commit to help you keep on track and achieve your goals.

4. Take breaks when studying.

Have you heard about the Pomodoro Technique?

Hindi pa?

Naku! Basahin mo ‘to.

Online class tips 05

Pomodoro Technique is when “you break your workday into 25-minute chunks separated by five-minute breaks. These intervals are referred to as pomodoros. After about four pomodoros, you take a longer break of about 15 to 20 minutes,” Kat Boogaard explained in her article Take it From Someone Who Hates Productivity Hacks—the Pomodoro Technique Actually Works from The Muse.

Siyempre sa una it’s not easy kasi sanay ka to study and do your assignments nang tuluy tuloy and parang masasayang lang ang oras mo kung magbe-break ka pa.

Pero. Pero. Pero.

What this does is it helps you stop procrastinating and create a sense of urgency to finish 1 task in 25 minutes, leaving you no room to scroll sa IG or TikTok mo.

Cool, ‘no?

Try mo if it works for you then let us know.

Why is it important to take breaks?

“Taking regular breaks during the day keeps your mind fresh and is one of the easiest ways to ensure you don’t burn out,” says Seeta Bhardwa in her article Tips for studying online and at home for university students from Times Higher Education.

5. Mag-notes ka pa rin.

“Kailangan pa ba nun eh pwede ko naman panoorin na lang ulit ‘yung video ni ma’am/sir?” tanong mo.

Sus! Kunwari ka pa. Chances are, mas manonood ka na lang nang isa pang episode ng K-drama series na kina-aadikan mo.

Online class tips 06


Pero whether you’re going to re-watch it or not, mabuti pang mag-take down notes ka pa rin while your professor or teacher is lecturing.


“The real benefit of taking notes is that it helps you engage with the material and put it in your own words. This boosts both your comprehension and retention,” College Info Geek explained in the same article.

Online class tips 07

Ngayon, ready ka na ba?

Before you leave, we just want to remind you that there will be times na magkakamali ka or mafi-feel mong hindi ka productive, but don’t be too hard on yourself.

We are all still in the process of figuring out these changes sa buhay at paligid natin kaya every day is a learning curve.

If you are feeling down or unmotivated to study, ‘wag mahiyang mag-reach out sa amin sa 0999-227-1927 or call 8-737-0-777.

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