Are you at a point in your life kung saan ang dami mong tanong kung BAKIT?

Quarter-life crisis 01

Bakit ang sweet niya tapos bigla na lang siyang hindi nagparamdam? Quaranfling niya lang ba ako?

Cheret! Iba pala ‘yun. Pero aray, ah. Kung usapang heart break lang din naman, PM iz the key. Message us sa iCanBreakThrough Facebook page or pwede rin sa Instagram account namin.

So, ayun na nga. Going back to quarter-life crisis.

Quarter-life crisis 02

Quarter-life crisis is “a period of uncertainty and questioning that typically occurs when people feel trapped, uninspired and disillusioned during their mid-20s to early 30s,” sabi ng Bradley University in their article Understanding The Quarter-life Crisis.

Ikaw ba ‘to?

Bukod sa “bakit” list mo about love life, marami ka bang “bakit” or questions ngayon sa career, future, and purpose mo sa buhay?

Bakit ka nage-exist sa mundong ‘to?

Tama ba ang career na pinili mo?

Why don’t you have it all together by now?

Haaay, Breaker.

Pagod ka na ‘no?

Don’t face it alone. Nandito kami para samahan ka.

Here are strategies na makaka-help sa ‘yo how to manage quarter-life crisis.

1. Quit social media for a while.

Kailangan mo munang huminga and one way to do it is to take a break from social media.

Hindi mo ba napapansin na hindi na ‘to healthy sa ‘yo?

Quarter-life crisis 03

“Delete Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest from your phone, or at least turn off notifications. Comparing yourself to others can distract you from making positive changes in your own life,” advice ni Adam Poswolsky, author of The Quarter-Life Breakthrough in an article 4 ways to break out of your quarter-life crisis, from someone’s who been there by Marguerite Ward of CNBC.

Dyan tayo nafa-fall, eh, sa comparison.

You are too focused sa “bakit sila successful na, ako andito pa rin?” or “mas magaling naman ako kaysa sa kanya.”

Step back and reflect.

“Try experimenting daily with a creative activity that you love to do, like writing in your journal, photography or drawing,” sabi ni Adam.

2. List down your “shoulds.”

Tulungan ka namin maglista. Ito ‘yung mga…

“I should have a house and car by now.”

“Dapat may jowa na ako kasi lahat ng friends ko meron na.”

“Dapat nakapag-travel na ako sa mga countries na ‘to tulad ni _____.”

Don’t get us wrong, ah.

Walang masama to have goals but kung magiging honest ka talaga sa sarili mo, most of your “shoulds” are just driven by societal expectations.

“You’ll find that you don’t really believe in or care about the standards you’re trying to live up to. Try writing down a list of all the “shoulds” that might relate to your current crisis, and then ask yourself: Do I really believe this assumption?,” Zencare said in their article 6 Ways to Cope with a Quarter-life or Mid-life Crisis.

Tsaka, isa pa!

Quarter-life crisis 04

Remember that goals change.

“What you really wanted five years ago might not be what you really want today, and that’s okay. Try not to hold yourself to outdated expectations that no longer apply to your life,” they added.

If you’re struggling to find your purpose, ito strategy #3.

3. Listen to others’ feedback about you.

How do people see you?

Madalas ba nilang sinasabi na, “ang galing mo mag-explain at magturo ng complex ideas,” or “iba ang awra mo kapag music na ang pinag-uusapan.”

Mga hints kasi ‘yun, Breaker, kung ano talaga purpose mo sa buhay.

Quarter-life crisis 05

Or another way is “to reach out to people and ask what reminds them of you or what they think of when you enter their mind,” sabi ni Amy Morin, LCSW in her article 7 Tips for Finding Your Purpose in Life by Verywell Mind.

Take note of those observations then write it down. Makikita mo na magkaka-connect ang sinasabi nila about you.

“There’s a good chance you’re already displaying your passion and purpose to those around you without even realizing it,” she said.

Quarter-life crisis 06

Bitin ba?

Reach out to us, Breaker. Text us at 0999-227-1927 or call 8-737-0-777. Sabi sa ‘yo, eh. We want to journey with you during this crisis.

Alam namin ‘yung feeling na lost ka, confused, and unsure sa buhay, pero alam mo kung ano pinaka naka-help sa amin bukod sa strategies na ‘to?

It is to know that there is Someone who holds all things together.

Click mo na ‘yan. That’s the best decision you’ll make today.

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