Sa “your order has been shipped” text ka na lang ba kinikilig?

Tuluyan ka na bang na-fall sa sale at free shipping?

Kailangan mo ba ng help makabangon sa pagiging marupok?

Uy! Lahat check.

Alam mo, Breaker, this has something to do with stress.

Online shopping tips 01

Sabi kasi nina Adrian R. Camilleri and Eugene Y. Chan in their article Can’t resist splurging on online shopping? Here’s why published in The Conversation, “shopping can be a way to cope with stress. In fact, higher levels of distress have been linked with higher purchase intentions. And this compulsion to buy is often part of an effort to reduce negative emotions.”

Kumbaga, nagiging way of escape mo ang online shopping to cope with the stress brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

Totoo or hindi?

Ang masaklap pa, ngayong hindi mo na ma-control ang sarili mo. Imbis na maging happy ka, lalo ka lang na-s-stress kasi napunta na sa online shopping ang suweldo mo.

Hmmm. Aminin!

“If your bent is shopping it may be because it’s something to do, it’s short-term pleasure, it’s self-soothing, but it can also have long-term consequences when you have to pay for these thing,” Josette Freeman explained in an article How to control online shopping during the coronavirus pandemic by Samantha Turnbull in ABC Life.

Online shopping tips 02

Relax ka lang. Hindi namin tatanungin kung magkano na lang laman ng bank account mo kasi baka maiyak ka.

Pero. Pero. Pero.

You can start over today by following these tips on how to avoid too much online shopping.


1. Itulog mo muna ‘yan.

Bago mo pindutin ‘yang checkout, wait for 24 hours.

Then, magmuni-muni ka. Ask yourself, “How will it add value to your life? Is it actually a good deal? Do you really need it?,” sabi ni Kathleen Elkins in her article How to avoid shopping online when you’re working from home and cooped up all day in CNBC.

By doing this, it helps na mapakalma ‘yung mapusok mong damdamin and realize na hindi mo naman talaga ‘to kailangan.

Try mo.

Online shopping tips 03

2. Add to cart mo na ‘yan.

Yes, you read that right, pero ‘wag mo i-check out.

Here’s why.

“We typically decide to purchase something in a split second, without rational thought. For many people, the adrenaline rush of shopping creates a high similar to that of drugs or alcohol, and it can be just as addicting,” said Keonyoung Oh cited in an article How to Curb Your Online Shopping Addiction – 9 Tips to Buy Less by Heather Levin.

So, i-enjoy mo lang ‘yang pag-add to cart like you always do. Kapag okay ka na, imbis na i-checkout mo, close your app and take a walk.

Online shopping tips 04

They said you don’t really need to buy those items to experience that rush of feel good emotion.

Sometimes, “the act of shopping and putting items in a cart may be all they need to feel good. You get to experience the thrill of the hunt and the temporary feeling of ownership once items are in your shopping cart, which might be all you need to satisfy your online shopping urge,” they explained.


3. Ilaan ang money sa life goals.

Ano ba mas mahalaga?

‘Yung TikTok shorts or pangkasal niyo ni Bhie?

Kilig ka naman. May jowa ka ba?

Char lang!

Online shopping tips 05

Sabi ni Heather, “Identify a life goal you want to accomplish and then put a picture of whatever it is on your desk, by your bed, or on your phone’s wallpaper. This picture will remind you that you’re saving and working toward something that’s more important, and more fulfilling, than another new pair of shoes.”

Kapag nate-tempt ka nang pindutin ‘yung check out, bukod sa maganda ang tip #1 and #2, consciously think of your life goal and weigh which is more important.

Worth it bang bilhin mo ‘yang pansamantalang kilig pero later on you will regret? Or mas worth it pag-ipunan ‘yung dream house, business, out-of-the-country trip ng family niyo kapag natapos na ang pandemic na ‘to?

You choose.

Online shopping tips 06

Hindi rin naman namin sinasabi na never ka na mag-online shopping because right now ito ‘yung safer and mas convenient given our current situation.

What we’re saying is clear lang dapat ang needs and wants mo. Alam mo dapat ang priorities mo para hindi ka na naman ma-fall sa “nagba-browse lang naman ako.”

To help you on your journey to being a changed person (Nuks!), you can also check out ‘yung iba pa naming articles on finances.

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