Corny ka raw kapag naniniwala ka sa idea na ‘no sex before marriage.’

Nowadays, it seems so easy for people to give their virginity away kahit hindi pa sila kasal.

no sex without marriage

Uso. Ginagawa ng karamihan.

So, what’s the point of abstinence from sex outside marriage?

Here are 3 points for you to think of.

sex without marriage affects women negatively

  1. Sex without long-term commitment affects women negatively.

Sabi ni Dannah Gresh on her research on sexuality and sexual healing, women feel worse about their bodies after nila makipag-sex.

“Woman’s brain doesn’t produce the chemical oxytocin in quite the magnificent way when she’s in a relationship without long-term commitment,” she explained.

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  1. Sexual abstinence increases physical pleasure.

If men would abstain from sex before marriage, this will serve as their protection from having multiple sex partners and this is good.

Sa mga lalaki, having more partners is a predictor of less sexual satisfaction, Gresh said. Why? Because ang body mo ay wired to only commit in a life-time monogamous relationship.

  1. Sexual regret may lead to multiple health problems.

According to the study of Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality as cited by Raphael Zhang in their article Why Sexual Purity is So Important to God—and Good for Us, young adults experience regret over casual sex that’s associated with psychological distress and physical health problems.

marriage serves as your legal protection

  1. Marriage serves as your legal protection.

In an article by, titled 5 Facets of the True Meaning of Marriage, they said that marriage means being in agreement.

Signing your marriage contract means that you agree to spend the rest of your life with the person you married, at lahat ng details na isasama n’yo sa marriage contract.

So, breaking this agreement is also breaking the law. May pananagutan ka sa batas.

marriage is a covenant

  1. Marriage is a covenant.

But more than being a contract, marriage is a covenant. “It is a contract between two parties that is established before God as a witness, a contract whose permanence is ultimately safeguarded by none other than God himself,” Andreas Kostenberger of Family Research Council explained in their article entitled The Bible’s Teaching on Marriage and Family.

Extramarital sex will only cause devastating consequences upon you.

So, sex within the boundaries of marriage is for your own good and protection.

Totoo naman na mahirap mag-abstain dito lalo na kung ginagawa mo na ito, pero hindi pa huli ang lahat.

All you need to do is humble yourself before God and He will give you the grace to do it (James 4:6).

Hindi lang ‘yun. He also promises new life and new beginning for you! Just click here to know more.

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