Sabi nila, “communication is the key” sa isang successful relationship.

Pero hindi lang ‘to sa mga mag-jowa ha, pati sa relasyon mo with your co-workers.

Kumusta ang WFH life, Breaker?

Madalas ka bang nami-misinterpret sa meetings?

Lagi ba kayong may misunderstandings when it comes to setting schedules and deadlines?

Feeling mo ba gailt or disappointed sa ‘yo ang boss mo because of how he or she responded to your email?

Whew! Tough ‘no?

Communication tips 01

Struggle talaga kapag hindi mo nakikita in person ang kausap mo.

Explanation ng Jones IT in their article How To Communicate Effectively When Working Remotely, “Lack of context, asynchronous responses, and the inability to see body language are some of the challenges that make digital communication problematic.”

Pero. Pero. Pero.

May ways naman para ma-solusyonan ang miscommunication, assumptions, and misunderstandings in your virtual workplace gaya nito – “open and frequent communication leads to more productive, empowered, and engaged remote employees,” Alice Ko said in her article 8 Ways to Communicate Effectively While Working from Home by AccountingWEB.

G ka na?

Listed down are effective communication strategies while working remotely.

1. Be considerate and patient sa iba.

May mga days talaga when qiqil mo c acoe is triggered because you are feeling frustrated or may something unexpected na nangyari sa bahay.

Kaya it is important to be considerate sa tone and timing mo when communicating.

Shinare nga ni Candace Steele Flippin, multigenerational workplace expert, in an article How to handle rude emails, constant messages and micromanaging bosses while working remotely by CNBC, “The first step to better communication is being self-aware of how you’re dealing with stress personally and professionally.”

So, ano ang dapat gawin?

Keep these thoughts from Candace in mind, “I may not be showing up as my best self. And because I’m not showing up as my best self, I need to take extra care with my communications and how I’m connecting with people.”

Tapos, baka rin may pinagdadaanan ang workmate mo lalo na ngayong pandemic?

Hindi rin naman laging he/she shows up to work with his/her “best self” kaya show kindness and understanding din.

Communication tips 02

2. Get to the point when writing your message para clear.

“Less is more,” sabi nga nila.

While it’s tempting na mag-add ng mga palamuti sa message mo, We Work Remotely in their article 5 Tips for communicating effectively on a Remote Team, to keep it concise and clear by removing redundant words or phrases and by using active voice.

Here’s a sample of removing redundant words or phrases.

Bakit pa ganito?

“So, I was thinking that maybe, we could try meeting at twelve noon instead of 5:00pm for our weekly meetings. I plan on working from home in the afternoon and I was thinking that might be easier. What do you think?,” example nila.

Kung pwede naman ganito?

“I’d like to begin working from home in the afternoon from now on. Are you cool with changing our weekly meeting time from 5pm to 12pm?,” they said.

Another example of active voice vs. passive voice.

Kapag passive, example nila, “The website was designed by Joan.”

Kapag active naman, “Joan designed the website.”

Basta, the golden rule is to make sure to check, edit, or read your message out loud bago mo ‘yan i-send.

Kasi kung sa ‘yo confusing na, paano pa doon sa makaka-receive, ‘di ba?

Isa pa palang tip!

Communication tips 03

May times kasi that being direct and concise with your message can be misinterpreted as rude, so ‘wag ding matakot mag-insert ng smiley emojis or GIFs.


Tip #3 na!

3. Maging clear with your communication tools.

Saan ba talaga kayo magco-communicate?

Sa Slack ba? Microsoft Teams? Messenger? Viber? Outlook?

Ano na, friend?

“Too many tools = too many places for people to comment and relay information = missed messages or people feeling overwhelmed/bombarded. Basically, conversations are being scattered across multiple channels – across the globe, at that – and then missed,” We Work Remotely explained.

‘Yan tayo sa malabong usapan, eh.

‘Di ba nga ‘yan ang reason bakit madalas kayo nag-aaway ng jowa mo dahil ang labo mo or ang labo niya?

‘Wag ganun.

Communication tips 04

What We Work Remotely recommended is to divide the structure of your communication channel into 3.

Use a chat app for questions or concerns or other conversations.

Sa email naman kapag formal requests or action items.

For status updates of your projects or tasks, pwede sa project management tool.

Pero recommendation lang ‘yan. Pag-usapan niyo pa rin what works best para sa buong team.

Pahabol tip!

Communication tips 05

Alam mo ba na uso ngayon ang “Zoom fatigue”?

May article kami how to combat Zoom fatigue, share it with your team as well.

Nasa heart din kasi namin na tulungan kayo on how to cope with the changes evolving in the workplace because of COVID-19.

Let us know if nakatulong sa ‘yo ‘to by commenting below.

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