Nasabihan ka na ba nang ganito?

Men are expected to act like a man, conceal their feelings, and toughen up. Kasi that’s what they’re taught by their families, the society, and by the culture.

magpakalalaki ka bro

Pero, ito nga ba talaga ang ibig sabihin ng pagiging isang tunay na lalaki?

Sabi ni Jonathan Parnell in an eBook entitled Good: The Joy of Christian Manhood and Womanhood, maleness and masculinity are two necessary parts of true manhood.

Maleness means the designed fact of being a man while masculinity is the behavior of acting like men.

So, sa true manhood, “God gives maleness in the man’s creative design; men cultivate masculinity as our behavior in response to that creative design.”

It’s God who designed manhood, not people. Paano ka ngayon dapat mag-walk sa original purpose Niya for you as a man? Check out these marks of true manhood:

he protects the people he loves

He protects the people he loves.

Ang tunay na lalaki not just takes care of his loved ones’ physical safety and security, pati na rin emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being nila.

he provides

And provides for them.

Hindi siya tatamad-tamad. Committed siya to get a job, work hard, and support his family financially.

he leads with love

He leads with love.

He doesn’t abuse his power sa pagiging mayabang or bossy pero he models how God loves.

he submits to authority

He submits to authority.

Alam niya ang importance of submitting to authority para maging efficient leader because he’s a man of integrity.

may respeto sya sa mga babae

May respeto siya sa mga babae.

Hindi niya tinitingnan ang mga babae as sexual objects, but he treats them the way God does – with honor, esteem, and kindness.

he has self-control

He has self-control.

He does not take advantage of the strength that was given to him. Instead, he uses it to manage his anger and sexual impulses para hindi siya makasakit ng iba.

he is willing to sacrifice

He is willing to sacrifice.

Hindi pang sarili lang ‘yung iniisip niya, but he always looks for opportunities to serve. Kahit simpleng paglilinis ng bahay or accompanying his mom to the grocery, kasi alam niya that true manhood is servanthood.

And, these can only be done, not by your own strengths and abilities.

Hindi mo kakayanin mag-isa.

only through God

It is only through God’s wisdom, grace, and guidance. These will enable you to fully step into your purpose as a man.

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