Breaker, hindi mo kasalanan, okay?

Let’s make this clear, kasi you have been beating yourself up with lies in your head that hinder you to move forward.

You lost your job because something unforeseen has been happening na pati employer mo nabigla at hindi naman ginustong magtanggal ng employees.

“These are extraordinary times, and for most people, the reason they’ve lost their jobs has nothing to do with their performance,” Dr. Grant Blashki said in an article Ways to promote a positive mindset if you’ve lost your job during the coronavirus pandemic by Beyond Blue.

Mahalaga ka pa rin, katanggap-tanggap, at kamahal-mahal, tandaan mo ‘yan.

Unemployment tips 01

You are also allowed to grieve. Kung nakaka-feel ka nang matinding galit, lungkot, or takot because of what happened, you can let it out kasi valid ‘yang nararamdaman mo.

Ine-explain namin ‘to sayo because we care for you, hindi tulad niya na sa una lang magaling.


Pinapatawa ka lang. We are here for you, Breaker. Listed are 3 things you can do kung nawalan ka ng work recently.

1. Mag-create ka ng schedule for yourself.

‘Wag ibuhos ang buong araw mo sa kakahanap ng work because it’s not healthy.

Pansin mo ba na lalo ka lang nade-drain kapag pinu-push mo ang sarili mo?

Unemployment tips 02

What you can do is to “create time to work on your job situation, time for leisure, and time to do things that help improve your mental health,” sabi ni Amy Morin, LCSW in her article How to Cope If You’ve Lost Your Job Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic by Verywell Mind.

Tutulungan ka namin.

Set a time for anything related with job searching. Like, online job hunting, updating your CV, taking free online courses to refresh your skills, or networking.

Siyempre, may time din for leisure. Catch up with your fave series, mag-bake, magbasa, maglaro ng COD, or check on your houseplants para sa mga plantitos and plantitas out there.

‘Wag kalimutang alagaan ang mental health. Makipag-video call with your friends, move your body and exercise, or write down your thoughts during the day.

Ikaw na ang bahala how you will divide your time in a day dahil depende ‘yan on what works best for you given your current situation, but those are sample activities that can help you start.

Basta, Breaker, importante na makahanap ka ng work pero importante rin that you take care of yourself in these trying times.

Speaking of networking na nabanggit kanina, here’s tip #2.

2. Network. Network. Network.

3 times talagang inulit ‘yan to give emphasis on how important it is.

Alam mo ba that “you are 10 times more likely to land the job when your application is followed by an employee referral”? Sabi ni Amanda Augustine, CPCC & CPRW in her article What Should I Do If I Lost My Job Because of the Coronavirus? for TopResume.

Unemployment tips 03

“That means talking to people, networking, and bypassing the whole application process. Or formally applying to a position — but you’re going to then pass your application on to a friend of a friend who is then passing it on to the hiring manager, so it’s in front of them with a guarantee it’s not in the resume black hole,” she explained.

Former-colleagues, family or relatives, or HS or college friends mo man ‘yan, why not try and give them a call?

Kasi baka may kakilala sila na someone who may have a connection sa company na gusto mong pasukan.

Iba kasi kapag friend or relative mo ang nagpasa ng application mo for you because “a recommendation means someone is advocating for you. When someone’s passing on an application, it’s their reputation that’s on the line. They are not going to recommend a person they don’t think will be a good fit. That means referrals from your network carry a lot of weight,” Amanda explained.

Ito naman ang tip #3.

3. Goodbye online shopping and other unnecessary spending.

Kung hindi naman need, ‘wag na i-check out.

Be honest, Breaker.

How are you spending and saving ngayon na nawalan ka ng work?

Unemployment tips 04

Dahil sabi ni Jim Wang in his article 8 Steps To Take If You Lose Your Job Because Of Coronavirus by Forbes, this is the perfect time take a good review of your finances.

“Look for ways to cut expenses and use your savings to replenish your emergency fund, invest, or pay off debt,” tip niya.

Masakit pero kailangan.

Baka naman pwede mo na i-cut ang Netflix subscription mo?

Magluto na lang ng food instead of ordering online?

Or reduce your cellphone bill muna?

Think of ways to trim down your expenses para malaan mo sa mas importanteng mga bagay.

Unemployment tips 05

Breaker, more than these tips, gusto rin namin mag-reach out sa ‘yo at ipag-pray ka.

Text mo naman kami sa 0999-227-1927 or call 8-737-0-777.

Pwede mo rin kaming i-message sa aming iCanBreakThrough Facebook page or Instagram account or you can email us.

Kung nagtatanong ka kung may pag-asa pa ba, meron, Breaker.

Pero madalas, hindi mo ‘to mahahanap sa family mo, sa job, career, achievements, success, or even sa sarili mo, true hope can only be found in Him.

Tumingin ka sa Kanya dahil handa Siyang tulungan ka.

Know more about Him here.

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