Hindi ba kapag mahal mo ang isang tao, handa ka dapat ibigay ang lahat sa kanya? And yes, that includes doing sex.

Dapat all-in sa pag-ibig. That’s the proof na mahal mo nga siya.

Ang sarap pakinggan.

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Pero why is it that when you engage in sex, you feel more emptiness deep within after it.

Yes, you were able to express love physically, but it somehow leaves a void afterwards na hindi mo maipaliwanag.

Instead of feeling loved, you feel taken advantage of. Parang may nawala. Parang may nakuha.

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Ganito nga ba ang love?

Or is this what you call lust?

Sabi ni Michael Arangua of BetterHelp in his article What Is The Difference Between Lust And Love? Lust Vs. Love, lust is “an intense desire to have sex with another person.”

“When you are lusting after someone, you are fully focused on the sexual aspects and fantasies rather than building a relationship,” he added.

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Kapag love naman ang pinag-uusapan, it means going beyond physical or basic attraction.

Ang love may deep connection between the two of you. You care for each other at ginagawa mo ang best mo to make sure na masaya ang partner mo. “Love extends beyond the self and enables you to care for someone else,” says Arangua.

Lust takes and fades through time. Love always gives and grows over time.

If this is so and sex is what keeps your relationship together, then hindi ka talaga niya mahal or hindi n’yo talaga mahal ang isa’t isa.

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Dahil ang totoong nagmamahal ay marunong maghintay sa tamang panahon.

Hindi naman mali ang makipag-sex. It’s actually a gift from God. Siya nga nag-design ng sex and He wants you to enjoy it within the bounds of marriage.

It becomes wrong is if it happens outside marriage.

But then, why do you need to wait kung alam na n’yo na kayo ang para sa isa’t isa?

Because sex outside marriage can be dangerous.

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Marriage is what makes your bodies, souls, and spirits inseparable in a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual union, according to Marriage.com in their article 5 Facets of the True Meaning of Marriage.

“It (marriage) is when two people make a public pledge or commitment to live together and share their lives in a way that is recognized legally, socially,” they explained.

Pero ang marriage, hindi lang physical bond. It is first and foremost a spiritual union between the both of you and God. Sabi sa Matthew 19:6 ESV, “So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”

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Sa marriage, meron ka nang legal protection, meron ka pang divine blessing. Sa premarital sex, wala.

Plus, kapag nag-engage ka sa premarital sex, your risk of having STDs including HIV- AIDS and unwanted or unplanned pregnancy are higher, according to Department of Health (DOH) in an article entitled More young Filipinos HIV-positive by Manila Times.

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Moreover, there are benefits on delaying sex until marriage. According to Dean Busby, PhD, as cited in an article titled Benefits in Delaying Sex Until Marriage, “the longer a couple waited to become sexually involved, the better that sexual quality, relationship communication, relationship satisfaction and perceived relationship stability was in marriage,”

Why? Kasi instead of prioritizing sex, they would use their waiting time to get to know each other on a deeper level and develop the skills that they need for a healthy and thriving relationship.

You will never regret kapag naghintay ka.

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And, you know what?

Isa pang definition ng totoong nagmamahal ay ‘yung marunong magpatawad.

If you’ve already had sex before marriage, God is able and willing to forgive you kasi mahal ka Niya kahit sa tingin mo hindi mo deserve.

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His grace is enough para patawarin lahat ng kasalanan mo para makipagsimula ka ulit! Hindi man ideal ang simula niyo, God can still restore you and use what you’ve been through to bless you.

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