Anyare na, Breaker?

Sabi mo magsta-start ka nung March kasi finally may time ka na to do your passion project dahil nag-quarantine, pero matatapos na ang taon waley pa rin?

Cheret lang!

Don’t be discouraged.

Alam namin ‘yung feeling na gusto mo naman gawin pero unexpected events happen, you lost motivation along the way, daming distractions sa bahay, or mas pinipili mo na lang muna mag-rest kasi burned out ka na sa work.

Pero ngayong nababasa mo ito, hindi accident that you clicked this article kasi ibig sabihin hindi pa huli ang lahat.

Puwede kang magsimula ngayon and make that passion project come to life with these tips.

G na ‘yan!

Scroll down to see.

1. Ask WHY.

Try mo lang.

Try mo lang tanungin bakit tuloy ka pa rin kahit sinasaktan ka na niya ng harapan para matauhan ka naman.


What we mean is to sit down and ask yourself, “why are you doing this passion project?”

Writing down all the reasons you can think of to start your project is a great 80/20 exercise in finding your why, because it’s simple, doesn’t take long, yet strongly manifests your project in your mind,” Niklas Göke in his article How To Start A Passion Project One Day At A Time from Medium.

Doon ka kasi huhugot ng lakas eh when you don’t have the motivation to push through. Alamoyon?

Sa umpisa kasi masaya and exciting but you cannot brush aside the reality na darating ‘yung time na gusto mo na lang mag-give up.

Kaya important that you hold on to your why because “when the laughter temporarily runs out, meaning will take over and march with you through the long nights before the light comes back on,” Niklas said.

Boom! Kapit lang. Kapag dumating ka na sa point na ‘yun, puwede mo kami i-text ah sa 0999-227-1927 or call 8-737-0-777. We’re here to listen and pray for you.

2. Start small.

Baka kaya hindi ka makapag-start kasi na-paralyze ka na on the bigness of your goal?

Ito sample para mas ma-gets mo.

Let’s say ang passion project mo in mind is to start an online business.

Nakaka-overwhelm nga ‘yan lalo na ngayong quarantine na parang halos lahat na ata ng kakilala mo may business online.

So, start small.

Puwedeng pag-aralan mo muna how your family or friends promote their products online or look for potential suppliers.

Gets mo?

May article kami about how to sell online, eh, check it out.

Sabi nga ni Jessie Kwak in her article Start Your Passion Project Right Now by Taking 5 Small Steps by The Write Life, “The best way to make a plan for completing your dream project is to get as granular as possible until you have a list of discrete, actionable tasks.”

After breaking it down into bite-sized tasks, schedule when are you going to work on your passion project.

Naka-bold ‘yan para intense.

Kapag wala kasi sa schedule mo, it’s easy to just set it aside, ‘di ba?

Pero depende naman ‘to on what works best for you. You can do it daily, 5 times a week, or on a weekend lang muna. Mga ganun.


Here’s tip #3.

3. Get your loved ones involved.

Tanungin mo ‘yung kapatid mo or parents mo if they could be your accountability partner.

Dahil aside from knowing your why, kailangan mo rin ng someone to encourage you na magpatuloy.

It could be as simple as asking you kung may progress na ba sa passion project mo or leaving you a note of encouragement, Jessica Hicks explained by Thrive Global in her article How a Passion Project Can Help You Get Through the Pandemic.

You’ll never know when you need it the most.

Actually, hindi naman ‘to limited to your family members. Your accountability partner could be your best friend or colleague.

Kapag nag-chikahan kayo through video call, mag-kumustahan kayo about your passion project and malay mo you can influence your friend to start his or her own.

Oh, ‘di ba?

Better if sabay pa kayo.

Ano ‘ng say mo, Breaker?

Share us about your passion project and kung kailan mo balak mag-start by commenting below.

Excited kami to read it!

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