Huwag mo naman i-generalize.

Pero we can’t deny na marami pa talaga kaming dapat matutunan as millennials when it comes to money handling.

Kung mapapansin mo, most of us love to travel now and immerse into new cultures.

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It’s because millennials invest in experiences.

“Millennials see themselves as young consumers focused on “buying” personal experiences rather than mere physical objects,” Manila Standard explained in their article Filipino millennials invest in experiences.

“As a generation that wants to be in control of what they experience, millennials are always planning, motivated by finding that singular adventure that fits their moods, interests, and personalities,” they continued.

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Hindi naman ito nakakagulat lalo na we are bombarded with #TravelGoals or #InstaTravel on social media.

Isama mo pa ‘yung mga sobrang mura na airfare and plane tickets everywhere. Puwede ka na talaga mag travel na abot kaya ng budget, di’ba?

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Millennials also access loans. Ayun nga lang, not for productive purposes but for consumption, says Vince Rapisura in Rappler Talk: Millennials’ money habits. Unlike the older generation who get loans for housing, cars, and investments.

Sa madaling sabi, we are not afraid to shell out cash para ma-satisfy ang aming wanderlust.

Eto pa.

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Aaminin namin, medyo lagpak din kami when it comes to savings.

Imagine, 84% of Filipino millennials don’t have adequate emergency savings and only 55% have life insurance.

Nakakalungkot din kasi according to The Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services Global Financial Literacy Survey, 25% of Filipinos lang ang financially literate at 22% dito ay Filipino millennials who ranked the lowest among the Generation X and Baby Boomers.

Pero hindi pa huli ang lahat.

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Advise naman ni Rapisura sa atin, “Millennials should study personal finance, investments, savings, insurance, and the use of debt because that will arm them to prepare for a very good financial future. It will also help them to balance enjoying the now and setting aside something for the future.”

If you are a millennial struggling to establish yourself financially or gusto mo lang matuto about money handling and budgeting.

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