Mahal ka raw n’ya but why does he or she consistently breaks your trust?

Nangako s’ya that he would take care of you pero bakit sinasaktan ka n’ya verbally and even physically?

Dati, lagi niyang sinasabi sa’yo kung gaano ka ka-importante, pero ngayon you feel unloved and devalued?

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If this is what you’re experiencing right now, then kailangan mo nang i-assess ang inyong relationship.

According to behavioral scientist Clarissa Silva, in an interview by Bustle, “in a healthy relationship, you should feel safe and secure, your partner brings out the best in you, and both are willing and invested.”

Here are signs that show na kailangan mo na siya i-let go.

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  1. Hindi siya nagpapakita ng appreciation for you.

Brendon Burchard, New York Times bestselling author and personal development trainer, said that it’s time to let go if you’ve been in a relationship long enough and you are never appreciated for who you are and the efforts you put into. Hindi dahil kailangan mo ng validation, but you know that you have exhausted everything just to show how much you love the person and still there is no recognition or acknowledgment.

  1. Hindi ka na niya nire-respeto.

According to Jennice Vilhauer, Ph.D., of Pshychology Today, respect is one of the most important factors in any relationship because when the person disrespects you, trust is broken. Pang-iinsulto, pagsisinungaling, at pangangaliwa ang ilan sa mga signs na wala siyang concern sa kung ano ang nararamdaman mo.

Letting Go_Cry

  1. Binabago mo ‘yung sarili mo when you’re together.

In an article entitled, 9 Signs it’s Time to Let Go of a Relationship by Power of Positivity, they said na dapat hindi ka nakakaramdam ng need to change who you really are just to please or accommodate the person. Hindi ka comfortable to be vulnerable kasi may fear ka na baka hindi ka niya matanggap.

  1. Sinasaktan ka niya emotionally, physically, or verbally.

Physical and verbal abuse are unacceptable, according to Celestine Chua from Personal Excellence. Kung napag-usapan na ninyo ang abusive actions n’ya pero ginagawa pa rin n’ya ito, then you have to think twice.

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  1. Wala kayong plan for your future.

Mutual confidence, a sense of security, and planning out your future together are main characteristics of a functional relationship as stated in an article entitled, 9 Signs You Should End the Relationship by Bright Side.

Kung hindi mo siya nakikita na part ng future mo or hindi mo ramdam na part ka ng future niya, why waste time investing on the person?

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Hindi madali mag-let go lalo na if you’ve invested so much time, effort, and emotions, but will you trust God enough that He is able and willing to heal every piece of your broken heart as you release it into His hands? Because He promises in Psalms 147:3 AMP, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds [healing their pain and comforting their sorrow].”

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