You may just want to prove that you are always powerful over everyone else, kaya mo binu-bully ang mga tao sa paligid mo.

Or maybe you also experienced being bullied.

Here’s what happens when you bully or when you get bullied.

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Bully-victims experience psychological, behavioral, and physical problems that can lead to traumatic stress.

It’s not just linked to sleeping problems, depression, and anxiety, but at the very worst, they may become suicidal, sabi ni Rebecca Fraser-Thill of Verywell Family in her article The Short-Term Effects of Bullying.

And, what’s even more alarming?

Bullying can last well until adulthood.

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“People who were bullied were two times less likely to hold down a job and also had difficulty maintaining meaningful social relationships compared to those who did not experience bullying,” according to scientists as cited by Alexandra Sifferlin of Time in her article Childhood Bullying’s Lasting Impact on Employment.

They may become bullies as well.

Sadly, sila ‘yung may pinakamataas na rate of acquiring serious illness and possibly engage in unhealthy behaviors tulad ng smoking.

“The intensity of the emotional pain bullying elicits, and the fact that other people underestimate how much hurt they feel makes being bullied an incredibly traumatic experience that can leave significant emotional scars,” stressed psychologist Guy Winch as cited in the same article.

And the sad fact is that hindi lahat ng bully alam na bully sila.

Maybe ikaw, hindi moa lam na bully ka na pala.

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Some of the red flags you should pay attention to is when you notice na marami nang nag co-complain sa behavior mo because you repeatedly upset the people around you and mahilig kang manira ng ibang tao. Sabi ‘yan ni Chantal Gautier of The Conversation in her write up Are you a bully? Here’s how to tell.

Eto pa.

Kapag mahilig kang mamahiya. You shout and humiliate a colleague in front of a crowd. Or puwede rin na you consistently pick on someone to make yourself feel better.

Do you recognize these behaviors?

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Pero alam mo, bullies are not born, they are raised.

Ibig sabihin, bullying is a learned behavior kaya may pag-asa pa para mabago ito.

‘Yung sakit na naramdaman mo when you were rejected from your family?

The shame you felt nung na-bully ka noong bata ka pa?

Every wound that propelled you to behave like that?

May root cause ‘yan.

Lahat naman kasi ng bagay may pinagmulan at pinaghugutan. There’s a much deeper level of pain and emptiness involved hidden behind pride and anger.

Hindi ka lang siguro aware. O ‘di kaya namanhid ka na because you’re so used to putting up a facade na akala mo it’s just normal.

But then, it’s not and iCanBreakThrough is here to tell you that there is healing and help available for you.

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