Kalma ka lang because anxiety is a normal human emotion.

Lahat naman nakaka-experience nito when you are faced with an unfamiliar or out of control situations in life like speaking in public, planning about the future, paying a debt, and so on.

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Sabi pa nga ni  Sheryl Ankrom of Verywell Mind in her article Do You Have Normal Anxiety or a Disorder?, anxiety is “considered a beneficial response in certain dangerous situations that trigger the anxiety-laden fight-or-flight stress response and the physical symptoms are coming from your autonomic nervous system response.”

But here’s the thing, it can be a disorder.

Huwag ka mag-panic. Basahin mo muna ito.

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May ibat-ibang types of anxiety disorder tulad ng panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, specific phobias, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Pay attention and observe the general symptoms.

You may have “difficulty sleeping, feelings of nervousness, panic, fear, and unease, muscle tightness, dry mouth, tingling or numbness in the hands or feet, nausea, dizziness, unable to be calm or hold still, sweaty or cold hands and/or feet, and rapid or irregular heartbeat,” according to Owen Kelly, PhD of Verywell Mind in the article Anxiety Disorder Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments.

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Para mas maintindihan mo pa, Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division explains in their article What’s the difference between anxiety and an anxiety disorder? in Here to Help.

A normal anxiety responds to a stressor, meaning may pinanggagalingan kung bakit ka anxious and it only lasts kapag nalagpasan mo na ang problema mo.

It should also be proportional to the problem, ibig sabihin your response to the stressor is realistic and reasonable.

On the other hand, kung may anxiety disorder ka, may mga times na hindi mo alam kung saan nanggagaling ‘yung anxiety mo. Because it’s too overwhelming, it feels like it’s impossible to manage or control.

You experience unrealistic anxiety which is creating worst-case scenarios in your head na hindi naman talaga mangyayari or avoid situations that can trigger symptoms of anxiety.

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Kung nakaka-relate ka sa mga signs and symptoms mentioned above, do not deny it lalo na if it’s getting worse through time and it already interrupts your normal functioning.

Anxiety disorders are highly treatable. Consult a mental health specialist dahil sila lang ang makakapag-diagnose sa ‘yo and para malaman mo rin ang best treatment for you.

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