Breakthrough_Unread Letter-Failure

I get it. I see it.

Life can be tricky and unfair.

There are lots of setbacks and unexpected circumstances.

Challenges arise from left to right.

Pain and suffering are inescapable.

I see your restless nights, your anxious heart, and your endless cries.

I witnessed how many times you and your family jumped from one business to another and still failed.

How you suffered countless rejections from different employers saying, “You are not qualified.”

How much you worried about your younger brother’s tuition fee for the following month.

I will never forget when your parents told you, “You are useless to this family.”

You cried so hard that that night so you didn’t want to open your eyes the next morning.

I know it. You can’t hide it. 

It seemed like everything just won’t fall in its right place.

Life shuts its doors right in front of your face and leaves you in a dark and suffocating room – barely breathing, locked you empty handed. 

I know that most of the time you hate, curse, and blame me, but the truth is – I’m not here to bring you down.

I may be the antagonist in your story, but believe me, I can make you better, wiser, and stronger.

Look at Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, and J.K. Rowling – these major influencers went through me first before they achieved success.

You must understand that you should undergo a process, and that is through me.

I am here to prepare you for your biggest breakthroughs in life.

But then, I need to be honest with you.

I am painful, always will be.

I will always be a part of your journey.

Oh, and you know what? You’re brave.

I’m impressed.

I can vividly remember that every time we’re face to face and no matter how difficult and hopeless your circumstance, you still choose you to stand strong and utter a little prayer.

I admire your courage to fight me.

And that’s the way to go. You don’t have to be afraid.

Don’t be discouraged.

Don’t give up as you draw strength from the right power source.

Continue to learn from me. You can’t quit now.

Start to see the bigger picture and take another step.  

It’s not going to be easy. But then, I promise.

It’s all going to be worth it. 


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