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Well, let me introduce myself.

I am the one who greets you “hello, worthless!” in the morning and asks you “what’s the purpose of waking up?”

I like scrolling with you on your social media feed and check out how everybody’s living their best life and having fun. And here you are, still without direction and purpose.

Weekends are the best. I party with you, drink ‘til morning, and get high, because there’s nothing more satisfying than to live wild now and forget your past and pain just for a moment, right?

You are a failure. You are incapable. You amount to nothing.

You always blame others for the errors you’ve made in the first place.

You will never make it right with the people you love because of what you did in the past.

Ah yes! Your past.

Let’s talk about your past.

Remember the day when your mom died because she gave birth to you?

How about when you ruined your best friend’s life because of your prideful and greedy intentions?

Also, when it took you 6 years to graduate with a degree in college because you’re always tardy and you failed multiple times.

Or when you went home drunk and high with drugs while your dad works day in and day out for you to have a good life.

The list just goes on and on.

For years, you became my prisoner who I always want to torture. You were the battle that I am willing to fight every day because, obviously, I always win.

That’s what I thought.

Until something changed in you.

You suddenly broke out of your comfort zone. You started going out with your good old friends from church, slowly sharing me with the people you trust. Spending more quality time with your family.

You caught me off guard.

Every day, you’re progressing. You’re becoming more and more brave, confident, and free.

When I remind you of your past, you counter it with the Truth about your identity.

When I creep in the middle of the night, you declare things that you learned from that book that you call the Bible.

When I try to convince you that you have no hope for the future, you laugh at me without fear and condemnation.

Every time I want to bind you, you know how to break my chains.

I thought I could always win. But you left me defeated and defenseless.


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