Uy, thank you, ha.

Bago ka namin bigyan ng strategies, thank you because you care. There are people na takot pag-usapan ang suicide kaya even though they know someone who is suicidal, patay malisya na lang.

Gets naman namin kasi you’re talking about LIFE and saying something wrong is risky, but may paraan how to talk to them kaya nga nandito kami to help.

Share mo rin ‘to sa kanila if you know someone who needs this.

Talk to someone suicidal 01

So, eto na nga.

Magsasalita ka ba or shut up ka na lang?

May advice kasing ganito, “Don’t talk to them about suicide, baka magka-idea sila.”

‘Di ba?

Pero, actually, that is not true.

Kinonfirm nga ni Lisa Firestone Ph.D. in her article How to Reach Out to Someone Who May Be Suicidal by Psychology Today, “If we are worried about someone we think could be at risk, we should not be afraid to reach out. Asking someone if they are thinking about suicide will not put the idea in their head.”

Check them out below.

1. Ask them directly.

Alam na namin iniisip mo, “Luh! Seryoso ba ‘yan!”

Luh! Oo nga.

Let us explain.

Talk to someone suicidal 02

Kung napapansin mo na ang friend mo ay moody, aggressive, and depressed.
Tapos he/she always talks about death or violence and say things like, “I want to kill myself” or “I wish I were dead.”

Genuinely ask how they feel kasi possible opportunity ito for them to get help. Talk about suicide openly and honestly.

Parang ganito, “You’ve seemed really (down/sad/angry/unhappy) lately. I’m worried that you might be thinking of hurting yourself or suicide. Can we talk about this?,” example na ‘yan ng Discussing Suicide: How to talk to somebody about suicide by Suicide Call Back Service, ha.

Or, “I’m worried about you. I’m wondering if we can talk about what’s troubling you?”

2. Do not minimize how they feel.

So, nag-open up na si friend how he/she feels, ‘wag ka naman maging judger.

Careful ka dito kasi minsan statements like, “Sobrang suwerte mo kaya!” or “Positive ka lang dapat,” can do more harm than good.

You’re actually belittling and judging the person.

Talk to someone suicidal 03

One technique that can help you is the active listening technique, suggestion ng Suicide Call Back Service in their same article.

Ang gagawin mo is you paraphrase what they shared then recite it back para ma-assure sila na nakikinig ka talaga and you understand their situation.


Here’s strategy #3.

3. Offer your service to your friend.

Services like picking up groceries or pharmacy items, says Mayo Clinic in their article COVID-19 and the risk of suicide.

Mga simple errands na baka pwedeng makisabay na paglabas mo or samahan siya, kung okay lang naman basta make sure you both follow safety protocols.

If not, you can connect the person sa mga delivery services like Pasabuy, ‘di ba?

Talk to someone suicidal 04

Offering kindness such as this can be a big help for them na ma-realize na may mga taong willing tulungan siya para sa ikabubuti niya.

4. Encourage them to seek treatment.

Take note, ang word ay encourage not force or argue.

If your friend or loved one does not want to seek professional help, you can suggest finding assistance or aid from a support group, church community or a trusted person, says Mayo Clinic in their article Suicide: What to do when someone is suicidal.

Or, you can take it up a notch.

Talk to someone suicidal 05

“Research treatment options, make phone calls and review insurance benefit information, or even offer to go with the person to an appointment,” they added.

5. Check on your friend.

‘Wag mo siya i-ghost please.

Masakit ang maiwan sa ere. Alamoyan!

Kaya kumustahin siya on a regular basis.

“Use phone calls, texting, video calls or other methods of messaging if physical distancing is needed — especially if the person has an existing mental health issue,” sabi ni Mayo Clinic.

Talk to someone suicidal 06

Alam mo, need mo ng prayer dito, Breaker.

More than these strategies, you need love, wisdom, and strength from God to help your friend.

Tara! Pray tayo. Text us at 0999-227-1927 or call us 737-0-777.

Pag-pray na rin natin ang friend or loved mo. You can also message us through our iCanBreakThrough Facebook page and Instagram account or email us.

We hope this article helped you especially during this pandemic where depression and other mental health issues continue to rise.

Please ‘wag ka mahiyang mag-reach out sa amin, ah. We are reachable 24/7.

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