Do not panic.

It may be a lot for you to take after malaman mong HIV positive ka. Pero, hindi ka nag-iisa. You are not a hopeless case.

i have hiv-what should i do

Sabi ni Faizza Tanggol, Communications Officer of World Health Organization Philippines, in New law important boost to HIV response in the Philippines, “HIV continues to be a serious health threat in the country with a record of 32 reported infections per day.”

Kung isa ka sa mga ito, know that you can receive proper treatment and medical care. Just follow these ways to help you para labanan ang HIV:

consult a doctor 02

  1. Magpatingin sa doctor right away.

Huwag mo nang patagalin pa or it may lead to serious illness or immediate death if left untreated, according to Web MD in their article What to Do After Being Diagnosed As HIV-Positive. Matutulungan ka ng doctor mo to come up with the best treatment plan.

The HIV medicine that will be given to you is not a direct cure pero it will treat the infection. You can still live a long and productive life and reduce the risk of transmitting HIV.

educate yourself

  1. Educate yourself.

“Learn what it means to be HIV-positive”, Web MD continues. Be involved by researching about your condition. Seek information about HIV treatments and their side effects. Pwede ka rin makipag-usap sa mga tao who have been diagnosed as HIV-positive.

be healthy

  1. Be healthy. Stay healthy.

Kasabay ng medical treatment ay ‘yung tamang pag-aalaga sa health mo, says Mayo Clinic in the topic HIV/AIDS. Kumain ng mga healthy food like fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein to support your immune system. Avoid raw meat, seafood, eggs, and unpasteurized dairy products kasi food borne illnesses can severely affect you.


  1. Reduce stress and exercise regularly.

Sabi ni Jayne Leonard of Medical News Today in the article HIV timeline: What are the stages?, “Stress weakens the immune system and increases the risk of developing other illnesses and opportunistic infections.”

Imbis na ma-stress, mag-exercise na lang regularly. It will help lower your risk of heart disease, improve blood circulation, and give you better sleep.reach out


  1. Don’t be afraid na mag reach out.

Take care of your emotional health, too. “See a counselor or therapist who’s trained to help people with HIV,” sabi ng Planned Parenthood in their article, Living with HIV. Join online support groups na matutulungan ka and those who would understand what you’re going through.

While feeling shame, fear, and despair, know that there is Somebody na hindi ka kailanman tinalikuran at patuloy kang mamahalin kahit gaano pa ka-messed up ang buhay mo.

His name is Jesus and His loving arms are open wide to welcome you and offer you brand new life today!

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