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Managing First Salary 01

While it’s tempting to splurge your 1st hard-earned money, managing the firstfruits of your labor well will never fail to yield good and more enjoyable results.

Kaya start as early as now by following these tips.

  1. Draw the line between your needs and wants.

Discipline starts today. You need to clearly identify kung ano ba talaga ang needs at wants mo.

Tip ni Janessa Villamera of Rappler in her article, 12 ways to save money on your first job before you shell out serious cash over something, you better “wait for at least a day or even up until a week to decide before you take some cash for it.”

Because “if you’re really meant to be with that new stuff, it’s gonna be worth the wait and the spend.”

Got it?

Managing First Salary 02

  1. Set up a budget and record your spending.

You’ve heard this multiple times, but unless you start doing it you’ll never know kung gaano ito ka-beneficial para sa’yo.

Make a list of your monthly budget and daily expenses to track kung saan napupunta ang pera mo, Janessa Villamera said.

This will also help you control, monitor, and adjust your finances.

Managing First Salary 03

  1. Go open a savings account.

Kailangan magkaiba ang bank account mo for your payroll and savings, okay?

Sabi ng Security Bank in an article Just Got Your First Job? Here’s the Best Way to Spend Your First Paycheck written by Dos Pingol, get a savings account with “a high interest rate, a low opening balance, and a maintaining balance that fits your lifestyle.”

Managing First Salary 04

  1. Save for emergency funds.

You may be skipping this because you thought wala namang mangyayari sa ‘yong masama. Pero kaya siya tinawag na emergency funds, ibig sabihin, you are allotting it for an unexpected circumstance.

You’ll never know when and how it will happen.

Kaya your emergency funds should be 3 to 6 months’ worth of your salary.

Tip ng iMoney in their write-up entitled A Fresh Graduate’s Guide to his First Paycheck, make sure to save as much as 20% ng income mo to your bank account hanggang sa maka-ipon ka enough for your emergency savings.

Managing First Salary 05

  1. Invest early.

One of the ways to prepare for your future is to dive into investing.

Puwede ka mag invest sa stocks, real estate, or venture in a business, pero dapat aralin mo munang mabuti at sure ka sa papasukin mo.

Basta the goal is “to make sure that you end up with multiple sources of income in the next years to come,” says iMoney.

You may find these things hard to do at first kasi maraming kailangan gawin at pag-aralan pero it’s better that you establish everything now hanggang sa maging habit mo na.

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