Question muna, Breaker.

Ito ba ang sinasabi mo sa isang family member, friend, or colleague suffering from depression?

“Nasa utak mo lang ‘yan!”

Or ito?

“Cheer up! ‘Yung iba nga nawalan ng work, eh.”

Maybe you’re the kind who “don’t ask, don’t tell” kasi natatakot ka na ma-offend mo si friend.

O baka naman ikaw ‘yung colleague na advise nang advise because you think you know better.


Hinay-hinay lang, Breaker. Your words and actions matter.

Helping depressed people 01

Alam mo kasi, insensitivity or fear of getting involved will only make their condition worse. Social stigma causes withdrawal and isolation. And sometimes, when the pain and suffering become unbearable, the person will think that the only way to escape it is by taking their own life.

Yes, Breaker, ganito ‘to ka-seryoso.

Alam mo ba that 1 person every 40 seconds die by suicide worldwide, according to the World Health Organization?

Ang kailangan nila is someone who sincerely listens, cares, and supports them lalo na ngayong pandemic.

Kaya naman here are 5 ways how you can help someone going through depression.

1. LISTEN to them.

Naka-UPPERCASE ‘yung LISTEN para intense.

Dito kasi madalas ang challenge, eh.

Helping depressed people 02

Gets namin ‘yung pressure na parang dapat may sabihin ka because you want to ease their burden, but most of the time ang kailangan lang talaga nila is someone na makiking.

Sabi nga ng Mayo Clinic in their article Depression: Supporting a family member or friend, let the person know you’re willing to understand how he or she feels. Hayaan mo sila magsalita and just listen carefully.

Avoid giving your opinions, advices, or judgements. Listening and understanding the person are powerful healing tools.

Got it?

Here’s tip #2.

2. Tell them that they matter to you.


Because people who have depression often beat themselves up mentally.

“Low self-esteem becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy with depression. It leads to feeling misunderstood and out of sync with everyone else,” explanation ni Jean Kim M.D. in her article 6 Things You Can Say to Support Someone Who’s Depressed from Psychology today.

Helping depressed people 03

So, sharing positive reasons why and what you love about them often changes their perspective sa value and worth nila as a person.

Pero siyempre naman, dapat genuine and honest ‘yung compliments mo for the person, hindi ‘yung mema share lang.

3. Encourage them to seek help.

Tandaan mo that depression is a medical illness that needs treatment.

Sabi ni Dr. Nicole in an interview by Hello Giggles in their article If a Friend Tells You They’re Deeply Depressed or Suicidal, This Is How You Can Support Them, when the person has suicidal thoughts, avoid telling them na ‘yung nafi-feel nila ay hindi totoo or it’s just “crazy” talk.

Take it seriously, Breaker. ‘Wag mo ito i-minimize.

Helping depressed people 04

Encourage them to seek professional help and follow them up to make sure that they’re really dealing with the issue.

4. Talk about suicide.

Yup, you read that right.

Uncomfortable, but you must ask your friend or loved one what they’re actually thinking about.

Helping depressed people 05

“Depression can be a lethal illness. The ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ mentality puts people in grave harm. Asking never makes people worse — not asking risks missing knowing about something terrible,” sabi ni Adam Kaplin, M.D. in an article 7 Of The Most Helpful Things You Can Say To Someone With Depression by Huffington Post.

Paano ka magsta-start?

Sabi niya that the best way to do it is to approach with compassion. Explain mo sa friend mo that it’s normal to have suicidal thoughts with depression, but suicide should never be an option.

5. Be patient and stay with them no matter what.

Patience is a pivotal part of helping a person with depression, sabi ni Deborah Serani PsyD in an article 9 Best Ways to Support Someone with Depression by PsychCentral.

It’s about letting your friend or loved one know na hindi ka bibitaw sa kanila no matter how long and hard the journey is to recovery.

Helping depressed people 06

Uy, Breaker, na-appreciate ka namin!

Na-appreciate namin ‘yung willingness mo to learn and understand depression, so you can be your friend or loved one’s safe place of love, comfort, and hope.

Dahil dyan, okay lang ba ipag-pray ka namin?

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