Take some deep breaths.

It’s not an accident na nababasa mo ito ngayon. Maybe it’s been days, months, or even years that you have been battling with suicidal thoughts.

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Why not give yourself a pat on the back? Even if it feels like living is intolerable, look how far you’ve come.

Please, don’t give up now.

Remember that your situation is temporary and your feelings constantly change.

There is help available for you, do give this a read.

  1. Don’t forget the basic necessities of life.

When you feel suicidal, nakakalimutan mo nang ingatan ang sarili mo. Ayaw mo na tumayo sa kama and you just want to shut your doors from people.

But please do try to eat and drink, kahit simpleng pagkain lang ng snacks because this can make a difference sa kung ano man ang nararamdaman mo, according to Lucy Dimbylow from in her article 11 things to do if you’re feeling suicidal.

Sabi nga ni Kelly Thorpe as cited in the same article, “Remember, even the smallest thing is an achievement when you’re battling thoughts of suicide.”

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  1. Open up to someone.

But then, remember na hindi lahat ng tao maiintindihan ka.

Warning ni Martha Ainsworth of Metanoia, there are people who will take your suicidal feelings badly. Primarily because natatakot sila, hindi sayo, but the idea of death.

Nevertheless, meron pa ring mga tao na willing kang samahan no matter how hard it gets for you. People who will listen and show genuine concern. Oo, these people exist and will prove to you na hindi ka nag-iisa.

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Ask support from a doctor or a therapist to help you deal with your suicidal thoughts. Or try reaching out to a reliable friend or a loved one.

Pwede mo rin kaming kausapin. Tumawag ka lang sa 737-0-777 or text 0999-227-1927.

According to Martha, “Just talking about how you got to where you are, releases an awful lot of the pressure, and it might be just the additional coping resource you need to regain your balance.”

  1. Create a safety plan.

A safety plan is a written action plan of beneficial activities you promise to do once thoughts of suicide intrude again. According to Mayo Clinic, these include:

a. Call your mental health provider to help you cope with suicidal thoughts.

b. Contact your trusted family member or friend, as well.

c. Do healthy and enjoyable activities. It could be as simple as listening to music or walking outside home.

d. Self-reflect and find reasons why life is worth living.

Thank you for reaching this point, and this does not have to be the end.

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