Kapag naririnig ang salitang “addict,” the first thing that usually pops to your mind are those who are chemically dependent or alcoholic.

Ito kasi ang common sa atin.

Ang tawag dito ay “Substance Addiction,” ang paggamit ng alcohol, nicotine, and drugs like Marijuana, Cocaine, and Heroin.

If you look closely to its definition, “Addiction is a condition in which a person engages in the use of a substance or in a behavior for which the rewarding effects provide a compelling incentive to repeatedly pursue the behavior despite detrimental consequences,” according to Psychology Today.

This brings us to the other face of addiction called “Behavioral Addiction” or “Process Addiction.”

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Ito ‘yung mga activities na sa tingin mo “normal” but can lead to addiction tulad ng gambling, video game, internet, shopping, work, exercise, sex, and even eating.

Although maraming mga arguments or debates whether it’s considered as “real” addiction, both behavioral and substance share a lot in common.

One is ‘yung chemicals na nire-release ng reward system ng brain natin when shopping or using the internet ay parehas lang kapag gumagamit ng drugs or umiinom ng alcohol, says American Addiction Centers in their article entitled Process Addictions and Abuse

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Another is kahit affected negatively na ‘yung different aspects ng buhay mo at sunod sunod na ang problema na binibigay nito sa’yo, patuloy mo pa rin ‘tong ginagawa, according to The Recovery Village in their article What Is the Difference between Drug Addiction and Behavioral Addiction?

Hindi ka na rin nag iisip kung ano ang possible na mangyari after doing the addictive behavior, what’s important is the feeling of getting “high” and pleasure it gives you, says Laguna Treatment Hospital.

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Moreover, nakakaranas ka ng matinding anxiety kapag hindi mo nagagawa ‘yung addiction mo. Even though you want to stop, hindi mo na ito ma-control at in denial ka na sa masamang naidudulot nito sa’yo, according to Sarah Williams, PH.D. of MentalHelp.net.

It is also possible na pwede ka mag engage to behavioral at substance addiction, simultaneously, referred to as co-occurring addictions, says Alta Mira Recovery Programs in their article Two of a Kind: The Link Between Substance Abuse and Process Addictions.  

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For example, kapag addict ka sa gambling you more likely can be addicted to alcohol as well.

On the other hand, if you only have one addiction but your recovery is incomplete, Alta Mira Recovery Programs states that this can result jumping to another addiction called addiction substitution or transfer.

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Halimbawa isa kang recovering alcoholic, maaari kang mag turn to what may appear like a “safer” addiction for you like with food.

But then, there will always be a solution to this no matter how complex or overwhelming addiction can be.

Yes, kahit gaano pa ito kabigat.

Breaking free from addiction means dealing with its root cause.

Emotional pain.

Yes, serious emotional pain is the root of all addictions.

Stop running to unhealthy ways of coping with your pain like going to alcohol, drugs, or the internet. Start developing healthy coping mechanisms.

And then, start sharing what you are going through to your trusted loved one.

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