“Saving money is easier said than done,” sabi nila.

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Hindi naman talaga madali ang mag-ipon given the unique financial condition of each individual.

‘Yung iba nahihirapan mag-ipon because their bills exceed their income or ‘yung iba naman wala nang natitira sa income nila kaya hindi na nakakapagtabi.

But then, sa tingin mo, are those valid reasons for you not to save?

Check out these 3 money-saving tips that will prove to you na kailangan mo lang ibahin ang mindset mo on how you look at saving.

  1. Know your purpose and set deadlines.

Ano ba ang purpose and goal mo why you are saving?

Hindi kasi puwedeng ‘Bahala na si Batman!’

You should be clear with your short-term goals, midterm-term, and long-term.

Having a solid reason why you’re saving will help you withstand impulse purchase and will only drive you to accomplish your target.

After figuring it out, set deadlines and timeframes, says Chinkee Tan in his teaching video Iponaryo Tips: 5Ds to SAVING Successfully.

Makakatulong ito sa’yo na mas maging determined and committed ka. Tapos, huwag mo kalimutan i-reward ang sarili mo when you hit your target.

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  1. Pay yourself first.

Narinig mo na ba ito?

Paying yourself first is a popular advice among financial gurus. It is setting aside a portion of your money bago ka gumastos nang kahit ano, Fitz Villafuerte explained in his blog 9 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Pay Yourself First.

As soon as natanggap mo na ang sweldo mo, follow this formula, INCOME – SAVINGS = EXPENSES.

So, wala ka nang po-problema-hin kasi nagawa mo na ito at the very beginning.

Sounds good?

Kung nahihirapan ka pa rin, wala kang excuse.

Payo ni Fitz, there are banks that offer automatic deduction from your salary account then transferring it to your savings account tuwing payday depende sa desired amount mo.

Oo, puwede ‘yun! So, ask your bank now.

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  1. Challenge yourself!

Narinig mo na ba ‘yung The Hidden 20? Or ‘yung The 13-week savings challenge?

Why not take the challenge?

Madali lang ‘to!

The Hidden 20 is stashing away ALL your ₱20 bills in an envelope, as if not existing, says Jesi Bondoc, RFP, from the Manila Times in his article 3 Pain-free tips on how to save money.

Another is The 13-week savings challenge, this is similar to the popular 52-week savings challenge.

Ang gagawin mo lang is start with ₱50 on the first week, then magpapatong ka lang ulit ng ₱50 every week hanggang umabot ka ng week 13. Once you reach it, balik ka ulit sa ₱50.


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But more than the money, sabi ni Chinkee Tan in his interview at Headtstart: How people can save, invest despite financial struggles, “In saving, what’s more important is not the amount, it’s developing the habit of saving.”

It’s the discipline and the consistency to save no matter the circumstances.

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