Sounds right and noble.

Bakit nga naman hindi dapat sundin ang direction ng puso mo when Shane Pruitt of Relevant magazine cited that according to the Hebrew and Greek cultures, “the heart actually represents the location of our feelings, desires, and emotions,” in his article titled Why Following Your Heart Is a Really Bad Idea.

Follow Your Heart

Ayun na nga.

Ang ibig sabihin, kapag sinunod mo ang puso mo, you’re trusting your feelings, desires, and emotions to dictate where you should go or what you should do. And this is very dangerous kasi these can change in a snap.

Your heart only wants what it wants based on your circumstances without thinking about the consequences.

Most of the time, you’re directed by what feels so right kasi ‘yun ang tinitibok ng puso mo, kahit mali pa ang mga ito.

The truth is – “the heart is deceitful above all things.” ‘Yan ang sabi sa Bible in Jeremiah 17:9.

It is dangerous to follow your heart

At eto pa: In Mark 7:21-23 Pinoy NT, “…sa puso nyo nanggagaling ang mga masasamang pag-iisip, pagiging imoral, pagnanakaw, pagpatay ng tao, pangangaliwa, pagiging sakim, paggawa ng masama, pandaraya, kalaswaan, pagkainggit, paninirang puri, kayabangan, at kalokohan. Lahat ng mga masasamang bagay na ito ay galing sa puso at nakakarumi sa tao.”

Kung ganyan ang motives ng heart mo, should you still follow it?

That would be alarming.

So, ano ang dapat mong gawin?

In making a decision, Christine Meinecke Ph.D. of Psychology Today said that there are 3 resources available for you when making a decision, in her article Bad advice: Follow your heart. They are your feelings (heart), intellect (head), and intuition (gut).

These will help you weigh the situation bago ka sumabak, so that you can make a sound decision that is not based on mere feelings.

“Good decisions result when we exercise restraint and continue gathering information, investigating what our intellect and intuition tell us about the situation,” Meinecke said.

heart should be led not followed

So, your heart should not be followed. It should be led.

Leading your heart means “Taking full responsibility for its condition and direction. Realize that you do have control over where your heart is,” as mentioned by Stephen & Alex Kendrick in their book, The Love Dare cited by Colton Jansen of Living For Jesus in their article, Leading Your Heart.

Lead your heart to do what’s right, good, and honorable.

take care of your heart


Begin to follow, hindi ‘yung puso mo, but the One who is greater than your heart, God. Learn about His instructions by reading His word – the Bible.

Kung susunod ka sa Kanya, God promised that He will guide you along the pathway of your life. He will advise you along the way and lead you with His eyes as your guide (Psalm 32:8, TPT).

follow God not your heart

Saan ka pa?

Trust in the One who knows you better than you know yourself and only wants the best for you!

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