Normal lang ang matakot.

Fear and Phobia difference 01

As a matter of fact, it’s natural and healthy to fear.


Kasi kung hindi ka makakaramdam ng takot, how will you help yourself kapag may danger sa paligid mo?

According to Seth Norrholm, a translational neuroscientist, in an article What is the science behind fear? by Nadia Kounang of CNN, “When presented with something that scares you, your brain reacts with its fight or flight response.”

Meaning, you either retreat from the object of fear because your brain sensory systems alert you na kailangan mo matakot. Kaya ka pinagpapawisan at bumibilis ang tibok ng puso mo due to adrenaline response.

Or, your reasoning response activate. You confront the situation because your brain tells you na nakita mo na ‘to before kaya hindi mo na kailangan matakot ulit.

“Under normal circumstances, fear can be managed through reason and logic. It does not take over our lives or cause us to become irrational,” Lisa Fritscher of Verywell Mind explained in her article Differences Between Fear and Phobia Responses.

Fear and Phobia difference 02

Take Lisa’s illustration for example. If you are someone na takot sa heights but still manage to ride a plane despite being anxious and uneasy, then normal lang ‘yun.

Pero ibang usapan na kapag sinabing diagnosed ka with phobia and sumakay ka sa plane. You will panic, palpitate, sweat, and cry, among others during your flight.

May mga cases na hindi mo talaga kayang sumakay kung mas severe ang phobia mo, even if that means canceling your important trips. Kahit ‘yung pagpunta sa airport hindi mo kaya and natatakot ka rin kapag may plane na lumipad above you.

That’s how intense and extreme it is.

Phobia is “a type of anxiety disorder that causes an individual to experience extreme, irrational fear about a situation, living creature, place, or object,” defined by Yvette Brazier of Medical News Today in her article Everything you need to know about phobias.

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Lahat gagawin mo to avoid what you consider as threat and acknowledge that your fear is indeed inexplicable. Hindi mo ma-control ‘yung feelings of anxiety mo and hindi ka maka-function nang maayos when exposed to the trigger.

Just the thought of it makes you anxious.

If you recognize these symptoms, ‘wag mong balewalain lalo na if it’s already interfering your daily performance.

Despite its severity, it’s treatable. There is a way out.

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What you can do is to speak to a mental health professional about it. Pwede kang mag-undergo ng behavioral therapy, medications, or both. Depende what works best for you, Yvette explained.

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Don’t go through this alone. There is Someone greater than your fear.

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