Breakthrough_Unread Letter-Millennial

Why do people hate me?

Sinasabi nila na spoiled daw ako and obsessed with technology.

Madali raw ako magsawa and mag-quit kapag nahihirapan na, kaya I jump from one job to another.

I only think of myself kaya ang tawag sa amin, “The Me Me Me Generation”.

But, wait.

Hear me out first, huwag mo ako agad husgahan.

There’s a reason behind why we’re like this.

Our parents taught us to believe na we can do anything. Pursue our dreams and be whatever we want.

Ayaw nila kaming nahihirapan that’s why they provide our needs and wants in an instant.

Everything is at the tip of our fingers, lalo na that we are living in this information age.


Because our parents do not want us to experience ‘yung naranasan nila from our grandparents noong pinapalaki pa sila.

Since our lolo and lola grew up during post World War, their way of parenting is set by strict rules and regulations.

Kaya ganun na lang ‘yung freedom na binigay ng parents namin sa amin.

That’s how we’re raised.

Bold. Free. Confident.

Do you understand now?

So, don’t compare us with other generations.

Stop judging, criticizing, and complaining how terrible we are.

Instead, help us. Lead us. Teach us.

We know we can be stubborn at times (or most of the time). We admit it.

We’re not perfect, who is?

We have our own imperfections and shortcomings.

Marami pa kaming dapat maintindihan at matutunan about work, career, and relationship.

We’re still in our journey of discovering who we are and what we want to do in our lives.

Sa madaling sabi, we’re still figuring LIFE out.

But, we’re not sorry for being adventurous, curious, and passionate.

We are dreamers and achievers. Highly collaborative and creative.

Don’t take that away from us. It’s who we are.

Kilalanin mo muna kami, huwag mo kami agad husgahan.

07 Millennial

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