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True naman na hindi masama mag-social media pero kung napapansin mo na…

Social media detox 01

Lagi ka na lang depressed, angry, or anxious after using social media.

Hirap kang mag-concentrate sa mga tasks mo dahil hindi mo mapigilan mag-check ng phone.

Natatakot ka na baka may ma-miss out kang happenings sa world kaya gusto mo dapat lagi kang updated.

Signs na ‘yan na it’s time to take social media detox, sabi nga ni Kendra Cherry in her article What Is a Digital Detox? by Verywell Mind.

‘Wag ka na mag-worry na baka hindi mo kaya, we will help you start the right way.

1. Inform others.

Mahirap kasi ‘yung bigla ka na lang magdi-disappear, masakit ‘yun.

‘Wag ganun, Breaker.


Pero seriously, “tell people you interact the most with that you’ll be offline for a while,” sabi ni Amber Murphy in her article How to Take a Social Media Detox and Improve Your Mental Health by Declutter The Mind.

Social media detox 02

Aside from being clear sa kanila na you are doing social media detox and hindi ka lang basta naging unreachable, it will help you rin daw to be accountable sa kanila.

Let’s just say na bigla kang nag-tweet dahil naging marupok ka along the way, at least they are there to remind you na you’re on a break from social media and you need to get back on track.


2. Remove your social apps.

Try mong i-delete ‘yung social media apps mo for 12 hours.

Puwede mo naman ‘tong i-reinstall, eh. But the idea here is “it’s about experimenting. See what effects not being on social media has and what thoughts it provokes,” Catherine Price explained in an article Here’s How to Do a Social Media Detox the Right Way by Andra Chantim of Good Housekeeping.

Social media detox 03

Mare-realize mo na it’s easier to give up social media in exchange for peace and sound mind.

Try mo lang and let us know what happens.

Pero kung hindi talaga possible na mag-delete ng social apps because of work or school, puwede rin naman ‘tong technique from Kendra.

“Pick a time when you want to turn off your devices, and then focus on spending an evening completely free of things like social media,” she said.

Dagdag tip.

Mag-install ka ng social media blocker app in your laptop or phone.

3. Make sure to plan your activities during detox.

Because if not, mate-tempt ka talaga na mag-post sa IG.

“Replace your social media habit with something that doesn’t involve technology. I suggest this because using your phone or laptop to replace a digital habit isn’t really productive,” Amber said.

Social media detox 04

Activities like gardening and be a certified plantita or plantito, working out and do the get-abs-in 2-weeks challenge (nuks), or work on your passion project!

May article kami, how to kickstart your passion project! You can check it out after reading this.

Magugulat ka na lang talaga how much time you’re spending on social media when you can do other things that will help you improve yourself.

Oh siya, tip #4 na.

4. Change your lock screen.

Ito naman cool tip from Catherine, redesign your lock screen with these 3 questions.

What for?

Why now?

What else?

Magandang reminder ‘yan for you about your purpose and intention before you slide to unlock your phone.

Social media detox 05

‘Wag ka rin malimitahan sa 3 questions na ‘yan, feel free to create your own.

“Sometimes it’s a tick and sometimes you pick it up because you’re feeling lonely or bored. The point of this exercise isn’t to beat yourself up for checking your phone, but to understand your own habits,” explanation niya.

5. Write down your experience.

Write down the activities you did for the day, what are your thoughts and reflections, what have you felt during the detox, and so on.

Bakit important ‘to?

Social media detox 06

Because writing it down will help you track your progress, sabi ni Kendra.

Pero bukod doon, may babalikan ka. Pero hindi siya, ah. Ibang usapan ‘yun.

What we mean is mababalikan mo the new learnings, perspectives, and discoveries you have gained and malay mo ma-share mo pa sa iba ‘yung journey mo.

Why not, ‘di ba?

Social media detox 07

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