Alam mo ‘yung nakaka-alarma?

More and more people with HIV continue to increase in the Philippines, says Health Secretary Francisco Duque III as cited by Analou De Vera of Manila Bulletin in her article Stigma prevents HIV patients from seeking treatment – DOH.


Because of the stigma associated with it.

And, if you continue to shut your ears to the right information, hindi malabong lumala pa ito.

So, here are 5 myths about HIV that you should not believe.

debunking HIV myths

Myth #1:

“This is the end of my life.”

Dati, oo. Pero ngayon, hindi na.

HIV can now be treated with anti-HIV drugs causing you to live a long, normal, and healthy life, sabi ni Ainslee Asokan of Channel NewsAsia in her article ‘It’s a death sentence’: HIV myths debunked.

chill ka lang

Myth #2:

“Malalaman mo agad if may HIV ka. Kaya chill lang.”

Not true at all.

Alam mo bang you can be HIV positive nang hindi ka nakakaramdam ng symptoms for years, says Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic in their article 3 Common Myths About HIV, AIDS: Do You Have the Facts?.

Kaya if you are sexually active, it is best to go for an HIV test to know if you’re infected para mabigyan ka agad ng medical care and treatment kung kinakailangan.

injecting medicines

Myth #3:

“Parehas lang ang HIV and AIDS.”

Magkaiba sila.

To be clear, “HIV is the virus that infects a person and attacks the immune system. AIDS is the disease that develops later in people with HIV that remain untreated or don’t respond to treatment,” explained in their article HIV: Debunking The Myths of HIV & AIDS.

AIDS is the advanced stage of HIV or stage 3 ng HIV, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services AIDS Info titled The Stages of HIV Infection.

shaking hands

Myth #4:

“You can get infected kapag hinawakan mo sila.”

In their article, 10 Common Myths About HIV and AIDS, Web MD confirmed na “HIV isn’t spread through touch, tears, sweat, saliva, or pee.”

At hindi rin ito mapapasa kapag nag kiss, hug, or nag shake hands kayo, okay?

The virus can only transmit through body fluids such as blood, semen, breast milk or vaginal fluid that enter your bloodstream.


Myth #5:

“Safe magpa-tatoo or body piercing.”

Not really. Di’ba HIV can be transmitted through blood?

Well, if the needles or piercing tools used with you were not cleaned or sanitized, then you can get infected with HIV, says Susie East of CNN in her article 8 dangerous HIV myths debunked by the experts.

If you know someone who needs to get educated, spread this news and save a life.

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