How are you, Breaker?

Gusto ka muna namin kumustahin before anything else.

Are you scared? Nahihiya?

Unsure pa sa nangyayari?

Ang daming questions sa mind mo?

Your feelings and thoughts are safe here, Breaker. Salamat for considering na makipag-usap to trusted person/s about your depression.


“Opening up about your depression is one of the most effective ways to get the help and support you need at a time when you likely feel vulnerable and alone, especially if you choose to disclose your illness to people that you know and trust,” sabi ‘yan ni Sherri Gordon in her article How to Talk to Friends About Your Depression by Verywell Mind.

This is a huge step for you and andito kami to guide you. I-clear lang namin na there’s no rush here, okay?

We’re not here to force you na mag-disclose agad kasi depression is a personal experience. Kung kailangan mo pa ng mas mahabang time, go ahead.

But just in case decided ka na, we hope that these BreakThrough tips on how to tell your family and friends about your depression can support you.

BreakThrough Depression Advice #1: List down the people na pagsasabihan mo.

Maging maingat sa pagpili, Breaker. Hindi masamang i-check kung…

Good listener ba siya? If that person is the type na who interrupts you while you speak or parang ‘di gaanong nagpe-pay attention sa sinasabi mo, baka hindi siya ‘yung tamang pag-share-an.

Another quality is trustworthy. Sure ka ba na ‘di niya ike-kwento ‘yung pinagdadaanan mo sa iba? You need to find someone who loves you enough to protect you.

Supportive and reliable ang iba pang qualities. ‘Yung hindi lang makikinig sa una tapos mawawala na parang bula. Someone you know in your heart na sasamahan ka through ups and downs.

Sabi ‘yan ng Priory Group in their article How to tell someone you have depression.

Kung may kakilala kang nag-BreakThrough na from depression, you can reach out to them kasi napagdaanan na nila ‘yun and they most likely know how to respond.

Pero. Pero. Pero.


You will receive different reactions from people especially those na hindi pa naiintindihan what depression really is about, so expect.

‘Yung iba diyan mashu-shookt while others masa-sad. May mga taong magsasabi na “Masyado ka namang negative. Try thinking positive thoughts,” and some ‘di alam paano magre-respond. There are those din na matanong because curious sila.

“Just be prepared to deal with various reactions, as everyone feels and thinks differently and everyone has different preconceived notions about mental illness,” sabi ng You Matter – National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in their article What to Expect When Telling Someone About Your Depression.

Hindi naman ibig sabihin neto na they do not care about you or intention nila na saktan ka with their words or questions.

“Remember, not everyone knows how to offer emotional support though. If you have friends or family members who lack this skill, it doesn’t mean that they don’t love you. It just means that they may not be the best ones to invite into your journey. In fact, telling them—particularly when you are vulnerable—may be counterproductive,” sabi ni Sherri.

Don’t get pressured, Breaker.

Binibigyan ka lang namin ng overview how it may turn out kaya be wise.

Nasasayo pa rin ang choice if you want to share your depression to a lot of people or mag-start ka muna with one person.

BreakThrough Depression Advice #2: Isulat ang mga sasabihin mo.

We get it, Breaker.

Iniisip mo pa lang na magshe-share ka sa iba parang ayaw mo na kasi magiging vulnerable ka sa taong ‘di mo entirely alam kung tatanggapin ka or not.


Why not take a moment na huminga muna and pull out your notebook and pen?

“One way to work out what you want to say about your depression is to write down your thoughts and rehearse the conversation. This might be helpful not only in planning your discussion, but in coping with depression in general,” sabi ni Madeline R. Vann, MPH in an article When and How to Talk About Depression by Everyday Health.

Sa process of writing puwede mo madi-discover what to share and not to share, Breaker.

Hindi naman niya kailangan malaman ang bawat detail ng pinagdadaanan mo so stick to what is comfortable for you, okay?

Suggestion namin?


Start with your personal story.

Check out this BreakThrough tip on How to Talk About Depression to Friends and Co-workers by Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program.

“Instead of sounding like an encyclopedia or a clinician, be honest about your symptoms and how they affect your daily life,” they said.

We understand na part of you wants to explain and debunk depression myths but hinay-hinay lang.

Remember na not all are knowledgeable about depression, ‘di ba?

Mas mare-realize nila na depression is not a personality flaw pero totoong sakit ‘to if you will share na “maybe sometimes you cannot get out of bed, and that is why you are always late, or perhaps you are unable to concentrate hence why your work performance has declined,” example nila.

‘Yung mga ganun, Breaker.

Ngayon ikaw naman.

How does depression affect you?

BreakThrough Depression Advice #3: Tell them kung paano sila makaka-help sa ‘yo.

Your trusted family and friends care for you pero most of the time ‘di nila alam paano ‘to isho-show.

Isama mo rin ‘to sa preparation, Breaker.

What type of help ang gusto mo ma-offer nila sa ‘yo? Iba-iba kasi ‘yan, eh.

Gusto mo ba ng makikinig lang kapag kailangan mo ng kausap?

Ayaw mo ba na almost every day ka kinukumusta kasi need mo rin ng time for yourself?

Mas prefer mo ba ng someone na magpapaalala sa ‘yo to go to therapy or take your medications?

O ‘di kaya someone na ipagpe-pray ka?

Breaker, we are here for you.

Kung kailangan mo ng prayers, please mag-text ka lang sa 0999-227-1927 or call 0931-805-0802.

Helpful ba ‘to sa ‘yo, Breaker?


While you’re deciding kung kailan at kanino ka mago-open up about your depression, we are praying for you.

If binabasa mo ‘to and ‘di ka sure kung may depression ka, read this article Signs of depression – Meron ka ba ng mga ‘to?.

We highly encourage you na mag-seek ng doctor, Breaker.

“Whilst it can be enormously helpful to confide in a family member or loved one about the way you’re feeling, ultimately, depression is a mental health condition that can become progressively worse without professional help,” sabi ng Priory Group.

We can guide more about it, Breaker.

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