“Get fit. Eat right.”

“Less time in social media.”


Ayan usually ang mga resolutions or goals mo kapag bagong taon, eh, ‘di ba?

Pero why not this 2021 dagdagan mo naman?

BreakThrough connect

Isama mo ‘yung “building more connections to others” kahit online because alam naman natin that reaching out to people is more important than ever dahil sa COVID-19 pandemic.

Basahin mo ‘tong advice ni Dr Shivangi Pawar in article Top MUST DOs in 2021 for your mental well-being by Debarati S Sen of Times of India, “Be socially active to take care of your mental well-being. Become a part of a group or a community wherein one can share thoughts, concerns, and even problems.”

“Look for the company of like-minded people. You can discuss your issues with them. You will be able to stay happy and develop a positive approach towards life. 2021 should be about living a peaceful and healthy life,” they said.


Time na, Breaker…

Time na to connect and reach out to people who will help you BreakThrough in life.

We are here for you.

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Anu-ano ‘yung mga shows na pino-produce namin?

BreakTambayan – isa ‘tong mini talk show where hosts discuss relevant issues and almost all topics under the sun about sa Filipino young adults. Try mo nang manood kasi mahu-hook ka talaga because it aims offer fun, highly-engaging and insightful talks that would influence your perspective about life.

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BreakThrough the Lens – this is a show naman which aims to give you the right perspective in life by giving you access sa mga experts who provide reliable answers and insights. Meron na kaming na-invite na psychologists, sociologists, businessmen, and the likes, kaya nood na!

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Siyempre, hindi dapat kalimutan ang iCanBreakThrough website. Na-try mo na bang i-explore ang website namin?

We’ve published articles about adulting, bullying, depression, grief, COVID-19 pandemic, ang dami na, Breaker, na surely makaka-relate ka and will help you BreakThrough in life.

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