Hindi na ba tumatalab ang “Kumain ka na po, please” ng jowa mo sa sobrang busy?

Kung wala kang jowa, okay lang ‘yan.

Makaka-relate ka pa rin dito.


Actually Breaker, hindi ka rin namin masisisi why you skip meals.

Naiintindihan ka namin.

Especially now na most of you are working from home because of COVID-19 virus.

Sunod-sunod ang meetings.

Nage-extend beyond working hours kasi “nasa bahay ka lang naman.”

Hindi ka makausap kapag in the zone ka sa work to meet your deadlines.

And the list goes on and on.


Relate much ba?

Skipping meals 01

‘Di mo na alam kung saan isisingit ‘yung pagkain o kung kailan ‘yung last mong kain o kung nakakain ka na ba ngayong araw.

Keriboom pa naman, Breaker, kung paminsan-minsan you skip meals because it happens talaga pero kung sunod-sunod na?

“Doing it (skipping meals) consistently can negatively impact your health and lead to nutritional deficiencies. You’re also not able to perform at your best because all you can focus on is food,” explanation ni Sara Shulman in her article Exactly What Happens to Your Body When You Skip a Meal, According to Dietitians from Prevention.

Ibang usapan naman when you intentionally skip meals kasi may sinusunod kang diet tulad ng intermittent fasting, ah. Iba ‘yon, Breaker.

“Skipping meals to deprive or punish yourself—or because you’re too busy to eat—is different from fasting to get cravings under control and practice mindful eating,” sabi rin ni Sara.


So ang short answer talaga ay skipping meals is unhealthy for you tulad ng toxic relationship mo sa kanya.


If that’s the case, paano namin nasabi na unhealthy ‘to?

BreakThrough Health Reason #1: #Hangry ka palagi.

Hindi lang ‘to basta cool hashtag na nilalagay mo sa story, Breaker.

May reason why you feel #Hangry.

Kapag nagsi-skip ka kasi ng meal, bumababa ang blood sugar mo or glucose.

Glucose is the main fuel of your brain.

Parang sa relationship, love ang main fuel. Kung wala ng love, paano pa magwo-work out?

Naks! Siningit lang namin, Breaker.

So ayun na nga…

Ang glucose ay nakukuha mo from eating food. Kung hindi ka nakain, paano na ang mangyayari?

Skipping meals 02

“When you skip a meal, your body starts to run low on its immediate glucose supply. Low blood sugar can zap your energy, making you feel sluggish and weak,” explanation ni Brigitte Zeitlin, M.P.H., R.D., C.D.N. in an article This Is What Happens in Your Body When You’re Skipping Meals by Zahra Barnes and Carolyn L. Todd from SELF.

“It can also make it hard to concentrate because your brain doesn’t have the fuel it needs to think straight. Other low blood sugar symptoms can include shakiness, sweatiness, and irritability,” they also said.


Diyan na papasok ang #HangryMe.


Hindi lang ‘yun, Breaker.

Once this happens, mawawalan ka ng concentration dahil naka-focus na lang ang attention mo sa kumukulo mong tiyan that signals you na it’s time to eat.

Ang hirap mag-focus nang ganito, ‘di ba?

BreakThrough Health Reason #2: Ang ending? #OverEating.

“Babawi na lang ako sa dinner.”

Ayan! Ayaaaan!

Ganyan din ba mga linyahan mo?

Guilty din kami, Breaker, pero unhealthy pala talaga ‘to.

#OverEating ang ending mo niyan kasi you feel like you owe yourself a meal when hindi naman dapat ganun.


Ang body kasi natin ay parang food processor.

“If you gradually add food into it, it will work well and do its job, but if you shove tons of food into it at once—say, after you’ve skipped a meal and are ravenous—then it won’t work as efficiently,” Bonnie Taub-Dix, RDN in Prevention.

Ibig sabihin your body won’t function properly kung hindi ka nage-eat regularly.

Not just eating kapag breakfast, lunch, and dinner, ah.

Pero eating every time na nakulo na ang tiyan mo kasi remember na signal ‘yun na it’s time to eat.

Skipping meals 03

“The most important thing is to eat based on your internal feelings and not the clock, so when you’re starting to feel like you can’t concentrate, start chewing something nutritious ASAP,” they said.

Bakit need na healthy and nutritious?

Kapag matagal ka kasing nag-skip ng meal tapos nagutom ka, marupok ka sa fatty and sugary food.


‘Wag mo sabihing hindi, Breaker.

Totoo naman na it boosts you pero panandalian lang din. Hindi nagtatagal.

“The problem is that the boost can be temporary if you load up on carbs alone. Without fat, protein, or fiber to temper the rise in glucose, your blood sugar can spike, and then dip all over again, leading to a vicious cycle. You’re also liable to be hungry again soon,” explanation ni Lauren Harris-Pincus, M.S., R.D.N. in SELF.

In short, ‘wag mag-settle sa panandalian lang pero doon sa nagtatagal.


Clear ba, Breaker?


BreakThrough Health Reason #3: Pwede ka magkaroon ng #EatingDisorder.

Narinig mo na ba ‘yung Anorexia?

This eating disorder “often stems from a distorted body image, which may result from emotional trauma, depression, or anxiety. Some people may view extreme dieting or weight loss as a way to regain control in their lives,” sabi ng Healthline in their article Anorexia vs. Bulimia: What’s the Difference?.

Eh ang Bulimia?

Ito naman “may develop an unhealthy relationship to food over time. They may get caught up in damaging cycles of binge eating and then panic about the calories they’ve consumed. This may lead to extreme behaviors to prevent weight gain,” Healthline said.

Marami pang ibang eating disorders, actually, pero ‘di ka naman namin tinatakot, Breaker.

Totoong issues kasi ‘to na baka pinagdadaanan mo or ng someone na kakilala mo.

Hindi namin alam ang totoong hugot mo why you skip meals, Breaker.

Pero. Pero. Pero.

Skipping meals 04

“Skipping a meal in order to consume fewer calories, out of guilt for something you ate earlier or because the food around you isn’t “healthy enough” isn’t just unhealthy for your brain, but also for your mindset,” sabi ni Lauren Wicks in an article 8 Scary Things That Could Happen to Your Body When You Skip Meals from EatingWell.

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