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Tying the knot is no joke.  Marriage is a commitment and also a covenant before God.  You can’t just get married and then quit once you encounter problems along way. Here are some questions that might help you decide if you‘re really ready for the married life.


Question #1: Do you feel complete even without your boyfriend/girlfriend?

“You complete me.”

This is a famous line from a romantic movie. It sounds sweet, doesn’t it?

But did you know that you should never find your completeness from another person?

Only God can satisfy. Only God can make you whole. Only God can make you complete.

Notice that God said  “And the two shall become one?” (Genesis 2:24). It didn’t say “and the two halves shall become one.” Marriage isn’t supposed to make you whole. Marriage is a union. You and your partner are two complete beings, originally designed by God to be one and satisfied in Him.

There is a danger when you expect someone to complete you – you only end up hurting yourself and your partner because of unmet expectations. If you want to get married just because you feel incomplete and you want someone to fill the missing pieces, you’ll only be disappointed.

Be whole, satisfied, and complete in God.


Question #2: Do you believe that entering in a relationship and marriage is not a trial and error game?

Choosing your partner and entering a relationship is a serious decision to make. Moreover, marriage is a covenant relationship (Malachi 2:14). Once you enter it, you commit to your partner and to God that you will honor the sacredness of the marriage covenant. God meant it to be a lifetime commitment, not just a fleeting season of your life.

Once you enter in a relationship, your goal must be marriage and not just to play around. You don’t enter a relationship because you want to experiment on who can be your future partner.  Likewise, you don’t get married and then replace your spouse once you feel like you’re not clicking together.

If you can’t see your boyfriend or girlfriend as your spouse, if you don’t see yourself marrying that person, then it would be wise to not be in the relationship.

You don’t go about entering a relationship and investing your feelings on different partners just because you can’t find the perfect one. You will never find the perfect one. You will always find flaws in every person. This is why marriage is not based on feelings, but on commitment.


Question #3:  Have you prayed for your relationship and future marriage?

Many of the problems and difficulties in life happen especially in relationships because of not praying for it and not seeking God’s guidance and will in this area.

If you want your relationship and future marriage to work out, you must soak it in prayer. Do not trust on your own understanding but always rely on the wisdom coming from God. (Proverbs 3:5)

Make sure to include God in every decision that you will make.  Inquire of Him. Seek Him. Talk to Him.  When is the best time to marry? Who will you marry? God loves it when you involve Him in your life, so don’t leave Him out of the details.

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