Mas logical daw mag-isip ang mga lalaki. Whereas, emotional naman ang mga babae.

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Mahilig din daw maghalungkat ng past ang mga babae kapag may away, but men have difficulty remembering it.

Bakit nga kaya?

According to Ragini Verma, PhD, Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, as cited in an article entitled Are Male and Female Brains Different? by Lisa Collier Cool of Web MD, “Women have more connections going left and right across the two halves of the brain.” However, men have “more connections from front to back, which may heighten their perception.”

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Ang left half of the brain handles logical thinking, while the right brain handles intuition. Ang back of the brain naman is associated with perception, and then the front is responsible for action.

Ibig sabihin, men are better at motor and spatial skills while women are more wired in analytical and intuitive thinking.

Eto pa.

“Women tend to input or absorb more sensorial and emotive information than males do,” says Gregory L. Jantz Ph.D. of Psychology Today in his article entitled Brain Differences Between Genders. Kaya mas sensitive ang mga babae sa nangyayari sa paligid nila kasi they absorb information to and from all the five senses. Plus, mas nare-retain sa mga babae ‘yung mga information na ‘yun compared sa mga lalaki.

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When it comes to communication, females have verbal centers on either side of the brain at ang males sa left hemisphere lang. No wonder women are more talkative than men.

Women use more words kapag nagke-kwento or nade-describe ng feelings nila, while men find it hard for them to connect to their verbal centers, memories, or feelings. Bukod pa ‘to sa fewer din ang kanilang ‘word centers,’ Jantz explained.

Moreover, kapag processing of emotions ang pinag-uusapan, may differences din dahil sa pagkakaia ng blood flow sa brain.

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Ang mga babae mas mahilig mag emote, contemplate, and balikan ang nakaraan pero ang mga lalaki, they tend to just reflect on the memory for a short time, analyze, and then move on na sa next task. Men may also engage in an activity na makakatulong sa kanila not to dwell on their feelings.

So, naiintindihan mo na ba?

Pero hindi naman nito gine-generalize lahat ng babae at lalaki. Importante din na i-consider how a person thinks based on how they’re raised, the culture they live in, and other factors.

Mayroon mang gender differences pero one thing is for sure – God created each of you not by accident but with unique purpose (Exodus 9:16.) He has prepared a beautiful plan waiting for you to walk in (Ephesians 2:10).

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