Bakit nga ba, when you can just live and enjoy the present?

‘Tsaka malayo pa naman ang future, so why bother?

But, wait. Hold that thought.

Basahin mo muna ito before concluding that money management is not important.

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Don’t get this wrong. Of course, you can still have fun living in the moment, but it is best to know about the value of building a secured financial future.

So, why does saving money matter?

Isa sa mga dahilan ay para maging ready ka for emergencies that may occur. You need to be prepared to handle any unforeseen circumstances such as unexpected job loss, accidents, or illness.

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Kasi kung hindi, how will you survive?

Ideally daw sabi ni Miriam Caldwell of The Balance in her article Top 7 Reasons to Save Your Money, emergency fund has to be around 3 to 6 months of your expenses.

Another reason is saving for retirement. Oo, ngayon pa lang pinaghahandaan na ‘yun kasi hindi ka naman magwo-work forever and time passes by so quickly.

Paliwanag nga ni Venus Zoleta of Grit PH in her article Retirement Planning: 5 Ways To Build A Retirement Fund In The Philippines, “It takes a long time to build a retirement fund that assures you’ll live comfortably with financial security.”

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So, now is the time to save and plan for retirement hangga’t bata ka pa.

These are just 2 of the many bona fide reasons why saving is significant.

But so as budgeting…

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Yes, ilang beses mo na rin ito naririnig pero hindi mo pa rin ginagawa. Budgeting can be painful and frustrating but it pays off.

This will only “show you how you allocate your money and present you the choices on what stuff to enjoy – based on your financial limitations,” according to Budgeting Income in their article 10 Benefits of Budgeting Your Money.

Budgeting will help you control over your money, organize your spending and savings, keep you focused on reaching your goals, and such, sabi ng Budgeting Income.

Last but not the least, invest.

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If you want your money to work for you, then start investing now.

Kapag nag-invest ka you will be able to grow your money, earn higher returns, or even start or expand a business, sabi ‘yan ng AllBusiness in their article Top 10 Reasons to Invest Your Money

Kung nakakapag-set aside ka nga for travel, then kaya mo rin mag-invest lalo na abot kaya na ito ngayon.

But then, tandaan mo na before you jump right into everything na nalaman mo today, it is best to carefully understand and learn more about these para malaman mo rin what works best for you.

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