Bago ang lahat, heart check muna.

Start with a grateful heart. Pasalamat ka that you are given the privilege to work-from-home dahil marami ang nawalan ng work kasabay ng quarantine.

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How are you doing now?

It’s been weeks since you worked remotely, may progress naman ba or lalo lang ligwak ganern ang performance?

Well, iba-iba naman ang tao. For some, bet na bet nila ang work-from-home while others, kating-kati na bumalik sa dating setup.

In spite of that, bukod sa wala kang choice but to work-from-home, give your best pa rin tulad ng pag-give mo ng 100% love and commitment mo sa kanya!

Kaya nga eto na ang tips to help you be more productive at your work-from-home setup!

May workspace ka ba?

Baka naman kaya ka mas lalong tinatamad mag-work kasi nasa kama ka or nag-bi-binge watch.

Galaw-galaw diyan and setup your own workspace. Sabi nina Kim Mok and Gabriel Manga in their article Working from home? 4 tips for staying productive in Think with Google, “Establishing a designated workspace can help tell your brain you’re in the place where you do work productively.”

Kung meron kang desk at home, sa kitchen table, or bakanteng room, try mo and don’t forget to declutter that space para iwas distractions. Pwede ka rin mag-browse ng pegs sa Pinterest if you want to design your workstation! Be creative.

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May ginawa ka na bang schedule?

Kung wala pa, gawin mo na and isama mo na rin sa schedule ‘yung mga activities and other commitments you do outside work.

“Once you’ve set your schedule, make it visible to your coworkers with a shared calendar. This way, they’ll know when you’re free to meet and when you’ve blocked out work and personal times,” says Kim and Gabriel.

I-share mo na rin ito sa family and friends mo para alam nila kung kailan ka lang available dahil ang boundaries hindi lang sa love, pati sa work. Tandaan mo ‘yan.

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Nag-set ka ba ng breaks during work?

Hindi pwede tuloy-tuloy, dapat may break din. Aside from identifying your clock in and clock out, make sure to take breaks. This will allow you to keep your sanity and be more productive during the day.

Hindi ito ‘yung break na manonod ka ng TikTok for an hour, ah.

It’s taking your eyes off the screen and lakad-lakad ka muna para kumustahin si mama and papa mo sa bahay, mag-exerice, magbasa or mag-journal, or kumain ng healthy snack, according to Frances Bridges in her article The Most Productive Ways To Take Breaks At Work in Forbes.

At kapag clock out mo na, tama na. Shut down your laptop, fix your workspace, and switch off your mind from work.

“Consider developing a phrase you say to yourself at the end of the day, to signal your mind that it’s time to stop thinking about work,” sabi ni Sara Marie Hall in her article 9 Ways to Stay Productive When You Work From Home in Success.

‘Wag mong abusuhin ang sarili mo. Hinga, friend. May bukas pa. Sulitin ang bawat moment na nasa bahay lang at hindi na kailangan mag-commute!

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Nag-a-update ka ba sa boss mo?

Hindi naman sa nagdududa sa capabilities mo pero think of it as a way of building trust with your boss. It’s assuring them na achieve mo kahit work-from-home ka!

“Always update the team of your progress and set the expected time of delivery. Nobody wants to doubt what you’re doing. It’s your job to let them know. Acknowledge their messages and emails,” says Eunice Punzalan in her article How to work from home productively, according to a professional in CNN Philippines.

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May social life ka pa ba?

O baka kinain ka na ng work mo.

Especially for you na malayo sa family, stay connected.

“Isolation can lead to depression and anxiety even in the most levelheaded people. Make sure that each day, you’re getting some type of “people connection.” This may look like holding a virtual meeting, jumping on a phone call, or sending a friend a text,” advice ni Elizabeth Grace Saunders in her article Panicked about working from home? Here’s how to do it right in Fast Company.

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Kasama mo kami in life.

If may work problems ka or nag-a-alala ka sa safety and protection ng family mo ngayong COVID-19 outbreak, you can reach us. Pwede ka naming i-pag-pray, just text 0999-227-1927 or call 8-737-0-777.

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