Do you feel a deep sense of regret after spending too much on expensive things?

Patung-patong ba ang utang mo?

Do you feel stagnant and hanggang ngayon wala kang savings?

Gising, millennial!

If you said yes to these then you cannot just shrug it off.

Money Mistakes Millennials Make 01

These are REAL problems that you need to face. Because if not, you’re on your way to a major financial crash.

Read these 5 money mistakes you may be committing and learn how to get out from it.

  1. Trying to keep up with your YOLO or You Only Live Once lifestyle.

Eto pa.

Trying so hard to impress others because of FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out. Kahit “broke” and lubog ka na sa utang kaka-purchase ng hindi mo naman need. Sige ka pa rin.

Money Mistakes Millennials Make 02

What to do:

Balance between enjoying the now and saving for the future. Focus on working on your growth because that’s what matters more, says Venus Zoleta from Moneymax in her article 10 Spending Habits to Break Before You Turn 30.

Here are tips on how you can save money for your future.

  1. Bili muna bago ipon.

Yes, it’s a thrilling feeling to finally eat out and online shop after getting your paycheck pero paano ka na naman sa Petsa de Peligro?

Money Mistakes Millennials Make 03

What to do:

Stop living from paycheck to paycheck and manage your money well.

Here’s a formula you can follow: Income – Savings = Expenses, sabi ni Venus.

Also, your savings should be on a separate bank account and always keep your budget on track. Marami nang free mobile apps for budgeting such as Expensify and Wally that you can download.

  1. Run away from your debts.

You can’t ignore your debts forever, eventually haharapin mo rin ito and the best time is now.

Money Mistakes Millennials Make 04

What to do:

According to Security Bank in their article 5 Worst Money Mistakes That Millennials Make, manage your debts by creating a budget and a payment scheme.

Here are tips on how you can get out of debt.

  1. Hindi ka pa rin nagi-invest.

Okay. Maybe you’re tired of people shoving down your throat why you need to invest.

Baka natatakot ka lang or you feel intimidated by it.

Money Mistakes Millennials Make 05

What to do:

Find the right instruments or products that work best for you.

Check out these investment options for beginners like you.

  1. Ayaw mo pag-usapan kapag tungkol sa pera.

Bakit ka ba lagi naiwas?

If you continue to shut yourself off from the topic, you will remain trapped and held back.

Money Mistakes Millennials Make 06

What to do:

The key is to educate yourself.  Baka may kakilala ka who’s working in a financial institution, why not connect with them?

You can also read materials online and books on money management. I-expand mo rin ang iyong network and get involved in a community where you feel safe to talk about money concerns, payo ni Kristel Silang of Moneymax in her article 8 Major Reasons Why Filipinos Fail to Manage Their Finances.

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