Excited ka na ba to witness the world and travel to your dream destination?

Saving Money For Travel 01

Millennials, like you, are not really new to this.

Kasi ang pinagkakaabalahan ninyo ngayon ay spending and investing on experiences such as travel, entertainment, and dining, according to findings of JPMorgan as cited in an article entitled 4 ways spending on experiences boosts happiness by Hillary Hoffower of Business Insider.

For sure, agree ka dito.

So to help you satiate your love to explore new things, scroll down to see 5 ways to help you save money for travel.

  1. Dedicate bank account for your travel fund.

Kung may separate bank account ka for paying bills and emergency, mayroon ka rin dapat for your travel fund, sabi ni Lianne Laroya in her blog 9 Smart Ways To Help You Save Money For Travel.

Makakatulong ito sa’yo to track kung magkano na ang na sa-save mo and see if na re-reach mo ba ang goal mo.

This will also prevent you from exhausting ALL your money while you travel and come home ‘broke’ because your spending depends on how much is in your travel fund bank account.

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  1. Book cheap flights online.

Low-cost airlines and travel promo alerts are all over the internet, ang kailangan mo lang ay pasensya at tiyaga!

Another tip that Lianne shared is booking your flight 6 months in advance and selecting “See First” on the Facebook pages of your preferred airlines.

In that way, makaka-receive ka agad ng notification from them once mag-log in ka sa Facebook account mo.

Saving Money For Travel 03

  1. Cut your spending.

This one is obvious but so hard to do.

Pero sabi nga sa kantang Antukin ni Rico Blanco, “Kung ayaw may dahilan, kung gusto palaging mayroong paraan.”

Instead of buying expensive coffee every day and eating out for lunch, switch to a more practical alternative. Why not try making your own coffee and pack your lunch to office?

Kaya naman ‘yun eh, basta determined ka lang.

Saving Money For Travel 04

  1. Sell your pre-loved items.

Maging wais!

Alam mo ba that according to Carousell Travel Attitudes Survey as cited by ABS-CBN News in their article Pinoy millennials turn to selling pre-loved items to fund travels: survey, “4 out of 10 young Filipinos who like to travel take advantage of online selling for extra cash.”

Kaya kung may mga gadgets or clothes ka na hindi na nagagamit, sell it online para dagdag sa travel fund mo.

Saving Money For Travel 05

  1. Research the place you’ll visit.

Take time to familiarize yourself sa pupuntahan mo.

Payo ni Bla Aguinaldo of Rappler in his article 12 money-saving tips for millennial travelers, look for landmarks near your place and save your itineraries on Google Maps.

This will help you to avoid committing unnecessary spending.

But then, it’s okay to treat yourself once and a while, kasi totoo naman na makakatulong ito to escape, rediscover, learn, and grow.

Siguraduhin mo lang that your financial future are in good shape (insert link Discuss the importance of saving, budgeting, and investing) and not spend recklessly (insert link Money mistakes millennial make).

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Nakatulong ba ang mga tips na ito?

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