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“Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.”  – Song of Solomon 8:4

For everything, there is a proper time. There is a right time for every activity under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1) and, yes, that includes entering into a relationship and getting married.

Chasing love and forcing it to come our way has never been an effective strategy to find true and lasting love, especially to those who have always believed that there is a “God’s will,” a “God’s best”, and a “God’s perfect time” when it comes to romantic relationships. Waiting for that appointed time has always been a struggle for many people.

So, why wait?

If we are living in a fast-paced society where people always hurry and everybody’s settling for the “good enough,” then, is waiting for the best still worth it?

Here are 3 good reasons that you can consider as you think about why true love is worth your wait.


1. Rushing, most of the time if not always, leads to greater pain and heartache. 

Rushing into love is like picking an unripe fruit from a tree and eating it when it is still immature.

How does an unripe fruit taste?

Everything but sweet. It’s bitter. Sour. Tough. Bland.

Likewise, when you rush into love and it’s not yet “ripe,” there is a big possibility that you’re not going to enjoy it and you’d most probably be in for a heart break.

Before committing to someone, make sure that the relationship is well-founded and that you’ve taken some time to know each other’s personality, character, strengths, flaws and all.

Many relationships fail because some people dive too easily and their commitment is only based on feelings and physical attraction.

Personality differences and spirituality aren’t given much importance, and when the feelings fade, the relationship begins to fall apart.

Spare yourself from unwanted pain. Don’t rush.


 2. Rushing keeps you from hearing from God and from waiting for His appointed time.

“If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed.” – Habakkuk 2:3

Not waiting upon God may mean that you are not trusting Him with His plans for you.

Each time you decide on your own, rely on your own feelings and emotions, and lean on your own understanding, you prevent God from having His way and His will in your life. You prevent Him from speaking to you.

Rushing can lead to the crashing of your life and the crushing of your heart.

Don’t rush. Take your time and slow down.

Seek God, trust Him, ask Him, and hold on to His promises. Strength rises and wisdom comes when you wait upon Him.


3. Rushing leads to emotional unfaithfulness.

Have you heard of the term “emotional adultery?”

Being faithful to your future husband begins not on the day of your marriage, but before you get married.

Guarding your heart from wrong relationships means you are being faithful to your future partner.

Rushing exposes you to emotional adultery. It means that you invest your emotions, time, affection, and love on the wrong person.  It means that you are giving away something that is supposed to be exclusive to your future spouse.

It’s not just about being physically pure, but emotionally as well.

Imagine saying “I love you” to so many different partners and then finally saying it on your wedding day to your spouse.

Emotional unfaithfulness diminishes the uniqueness and the special value of the emotions you should be saving for your spouse alone.

Each time you invest your emotions on someone that you have not prayed for, or to someone you don’t even consider marrying, you give the pieces of your heart away.

Imagine what will be left of your heart when you finally meet your true love. Will your “I love you” still sound special? Or will it sound ordinary because you’ve said it too many times to others whom you shouldn’t be saying it to?

If you think that your future partner deserves a heart and a love that is whole and special, don’t give your heart away in a haste. Don’t rush. Pray and wait. It’s always worth it.

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