Sa buhay ba talaga or sa relationship mo sa kanya?

Deliks ‘yan, Breaker!


Pinapa-smile ka lang because we know it’s been tough for you lately. It’s hard to hit a crossroad in your life and be completely clueless kung saan ka ba talagang direction patungo.

Like, anuena?

Isama mo pa ‘yung pressure ng new year tapos end of January na. Supposed to be nakapag-set ka na ng goals and plans mo by this time pero waley talaga, eh.

You feel lost and confused. Nahihirapan ka mag-BreakThrough.

Haaayss! Yakap, Breaker.

Pero to tell you the truth, it’s normal to feel lost.

Lost and confused 01

It’s okay to feel sad and disappointed because “these are natural consequences when our life path changes abruptly in a direction we did not want,” in-explain ni Colleen Mullen, PsyD, LMFT, in an article When You Feel Lost by Margarita Tartakovsky of PsychCentral.

So, acknowledge na nararamdaman mo ang mga ‘to because it is only then can you attend to it, she said.

Today, okay lang magpakatotoo that you are indeed hurting. Masakit talaga, eh! ‘Yung TikTok makakapag-hintay ‘yan pero ikaw, kailangan mo ‘to so you can BreakThrough feeling lost.


Scroll down mo na to see 3 BreakThrough tips if you feel lost and confused sa kanya este sa buhay.

BreakThrough tip #1: Find your spark.

Oh! I-clear lang namin, ah.

Hindi porket sinabing spark, tao na ‘yung tinutukoy.

Ayan ka na naman, eh.


Anyway, ‘yung spark na tinutukoy dito is for you to reflect and write down what energized you last year. Pati na rin what drained you.

“Instead of trying to goal-set your way out of your lost feelings, it’s more useful to reflect your way out of them instead. You’ll know where to step, if you know what actually lit you up like a lamppost and what didn’t,” sabi ni Maxie McCoy in her article Feeling Lost? 4 Steps to Finding Purpose and Direction Right Now by Good Housekeeping.


Lost and confused 02

Here are 3 questions that can help you habang nagmu-muni-muni sa mga hanash and ganaps mo last year, she said.

  1. Anu-ano ‘yung mga actions that made you feel most inspired and least inspired?
  2. Anu-ano ‘yung mga actions that made you feel most energized and least energized?
  3. Kalian ‘yung time that made you feel most proud and least proud? Ano ‘yung ginagawa mo nun?


After mo mag-list down, “look at your answers to everything that energized you, inspired you, and made you proud, and ask yourself: What’s the absolute smallest thing I can do right now to feel more of this?” she said.

Sample na lang.

Let’s say ang nag-spark sa ‘yo last year was when you tried and baked no-bake cheesecake para sa family mo. Kilig na kilig ka pa nun kasi lahat sila nasarapan.

And so, anu-ano ‘yung mga small steps na puwede mong gawin to feel that spark again?

You can start watching baking recipes sa YouTube para ma-inspire ka. Or bake again pero this time bigyan mo naman ‘yung kapit-bahay mo. Kung kakayanin ng budget mag-online shop for other baking tools, why not?

Malay mo mag-spark ito for you to start selling online!

Lost and confused 03

We gotchu, Breaker.

Kapag ready ka na, just read this article I Want to Sell Online – Paano ba Mag-start?.

Nakikita mo na ba ‘yung possibilities of starting kahit small lang?

Excited kami sa ‘yo, Breaker!

Sabi nga ni Maxie, “the path doesn’t reveal itself before we start stepping. We start stepping and create the path as we go. So go, and go small. But for now just schedule the small thing that you’re going to do in your calendar for this week.”

BreakThrough tip #2: Mag-invest sa sarili.

Hindi kung kani-kanino na paiiyakin ka lang pagdating sa dulo.

Ouch! Opx! Know your worth, Breaker!

Ano, kaya pa?

Dapat pala may disclaimer sa intro na mapanakit ‘tong article. HAHA!

Pero seryoso, mag-invest sa sarili by learning as much as you can.

Lost and confused 04

“Pay attention to the people you surround yourself with, and seek advice from people you trust, or are curious about. Ask as many people as you can (your parents and their friends, your friends’ parents, professors you’ve previously had) about their jobs, and the industries they work in,” sabi ni Alyssa Satara in an article Feeling Lost in Life? It’s a Sign You Might Be Better Off Than You Think by Inc. Magazine.

Gamitin ang pagiging curious for self-development.

You can also explore free online courses about digital media, health & medicine, art & design, or personal development. Ang dami, Breaker! Mag-search ka nga lang sa Google meron na agad, eh.

Bakit namin ine-encourage ‘to?

This will help you open your eyes and mind to new possibilities and opportunities on what next step to take.

Last but the most important BreakThrough tip sa lahat.

BreakThrough tip #3: Mag-pray.

‘Wag mo solohin ang problema, Breaker. It is better kung may kasama ka.

You can reach out to God. He wants you to BreakThrough in life.

True naman na nandito kami for you pero ultimately, si God lang ang makakapagturo sa ‘yo exactly where you should go kasi Siya ang nag-design ng life mo.

Sa sobrang gusto maging involved ni God sa decision-making process mo….

Lost and confused 05

Basahin mo ‘tong sinabi Niya sa Psalm 32:8 NLT, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.”

Pati itong sa Psalm 119:105 NLT, “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.”


God loves you and He cares for you more than anyone else in the world.

Mabuti pa mag-pray na tayo now na!

God, thank You for reminding me na I’m not alone in this journey. I’m asking for Your clarity, wisdom, and direction. Tulungan Mo po ako to put my trust and confidence sa plans Mo for my future. I-guide Mo po ako every step of the way. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Ang sarap sa feeling na you don’t have to figure everything out on your own ‘no?

Lost and confused 06

Kung nabitin ka sa prayer, puwede ka namin samahan! We want to pray for you and with you.

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You can BreakThrough!

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